Experience allows a user to customize and save their own dashboards, for later viewing. The saved dashboards are called presets. This tutorial shows you how to create them and use them.

The buttons at the top allow you to create your own dashboards and save them as a favorite or preset.

To do this select a view that interests you - that you would like to easily return to.

This image shows the Responsiveness Page filtered by criticality (Critical) and the management group Lab Devices.

Click the start button to name and save the preset.  The selected metrics and filters will show on this screen.

Navigating back to the Stability page shows any presets at the top.  

To view (eye icon) or manage (gear icon) a preset click the down arrow next to the star button.

  • Viewing the Preset changes to the filters and tiles selected when the Preset was saved.
  • Managing the preset allows you to change the name of the Preset or delete the preset.

Multiple presets will be visible on the presets bar. Selecting one of them will display the dashboard using the filters applied in the Preset.

The preset bar can be closed with the x at the far right.  Saved presets can be opened using the down arrow and selecting the eye icon at the top.