Everything you need to know about getting Experience installed and running in your network. This section is structured in a way that leads you through the three phases of a typical implementation project.

  • Design, including requirements
  • Install
  • Verify

In this section...


What you will need to prepare in advance of implementing a Tachyon Server in your network. Typically, these are tasks that may take some time to organize, depending on how your organization works.

Installing Experience

You should select to install Experience at the same time as installing Tachyon, even if your license file does not include Experience. As the only way to install it post-Tachyon installation is to uninstall and then re-install your Tachyon system.

Experience post-installation tasks

To kick start 1E Experience data gathering, you must open Guaranteed State as a user with the Guaranteed State Administrators role and click the Deploy button, even if you are not intending to implement Guaranteed State in your environment.


Basic verification tests that cover a single-server installation of Tachyon Server. These tests only cover Tachyon and do not verify the configuration of 1E client modules with other 1E products.