You should select to install Experience at the same time as installing Tachyon, even if your license file does not include Experience. As the only way to install it post-Tachyon installation is to uninstall and then re-install your Tachyon system.

Without a license present, after installation, the Experience application will be installed but not visible in the Tachyon Portal. When you get and activate a new Tachyon License file with Experience included, Experience will then become visible in the Tachyon Portal.

  • 1E Experience is only for Windows Devices.
  • The Tachyon Installation automatically configures Experience, as long as your Tachyon license file enables Experience.
  • After the installation of Tachyon is complete you will need to add at least one user in Tachyon to the Experience Viewers role.

Installing 1E Experience

1E Experience is an application that runs as a part of Tachyon 5.1 and is installed using Tachyon Setup. Please refer to Tachyon Setup for more details.