Tachyon Experience 1.3 Release Notes – last updated 

These notes contain late-breaking information about Tachyon Experience that you need to have to successfully install and use the product.  For the most up-to-date information please see the online readme. You should read these release notes and the online documentation for Tachyon thoroughly before installing the software.

New features in Tachyon Experience 1.3

Online help

Tachyon comes with online help that shows you how to install, configure and use the product. Click the following link to view the help:

For support queries, please

Known issues

The current known issues related to the installation and running of Tachyon can be found in the Troubleshooting Known issues page of the Tachyon documentation.

Tachyon Experience Release History

Web Release -1.3 (03-Mar-2021)

Tachyon Experience Release History

Web Release -1.2 (03-Sep-2020)

  • Experience score enhanced to include User Sentiment
  • End-User Surveys - two types of survey are supported: User Sentiment and General Purpose
  • A Users page provides information about end-users on the devices in your network
  • Customizable pages.

Web Release -1.0 (24-JUN-2019)

  • Experience score is based on metrics that cover three categories: Stability, Responsiveness and Performance

  • View experience trends over time
  • Interactive Overview, Categories, Performance, Stability and Responsiveness experience pages
  • Investigate devices with Explorer
  • Filter pages