Lists of the current known issues with implementing, configuring, and using Tachyon Experience 8.0.

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Experience Analytics - Tiles have an additional text "score" added to them when view between saved preset is changed.

When user changes the view between Default and user saved presets;  an additional text "Score" gets added to the tile title, e.g: StabilityScore, ResponsivenessScore.

Refreshing the browser removes the additional text "Score".

Inventory Management > Device hyperlink goes missing when view is changed from one saved preset to another.

Experience >Inventory Management > Devices page allows to create and save views based on User's preference. When the user visits any other page on Experience application and then changes the view based on saved presets, Devices hyperlink (shown under FQDN column) goes missing.Refreshing the browser brings back the missing hyperlinks.

When a user responds to an engagement (e.g. a survey) it no longer displays as new in the Notifications section of the Real-Time Support Center part of the 1E Client UI. However, if the engagement is disabled and deployed, then re-enabled and deployed, the history on the device is lost and the engagement is shown as new again.

Arguably if an engagement is disabled then re-enabled it becomes a new engagement anyway.

The Real-Time Support Center (in fact the internal database table that the 1E Client uses to keep track of the current status of an engagement) can take up to 15 minutes to "notice" that an engagement has been disabled or deleted from policy. This is because there is nothing in policy to explicitly declare that a prior engagement has been deleted or disabled, so it is only periodic housekeeping that sweeps it from the status table.


A survey that has been dismissed by the user will reappear if it is disabled then re-enabled.

If a user engagement (survey or announcement) is disabled then re-enabled then it appears to the 1E Client as a completely new engagement and the previous state (dismissed, in this case) is lost.

Do not disable an engagement then re-enable it! In effect this creates a new instance, at least in terms of data sent to the 1E Client.

Application Interaction table can contain processes reported as *.tmp files where the Product and Version columns are blank.

The Application Interaction view is reached by launching the Experience > Devices and viewing the Device hyperlink.

When viewing the Experience > Application Interaction tab, the *.tmp records are also displayed which do not have associated Product or Version details. These should be filtered out.


The Survey response page displays responses from a device that do not match the score seen when viewing the Device details due to duplicate survey names

When a survey is deleted, the old responses do not get removed and current behavior causes issues when a new survey  is created with the same name. The calculations for sentiment score includes responses from the old survey where the names match.Where this occurs, recreate the survey using a unique name that has not been previously used. If you are affected by this, please contact 1E Support for additional help.

When doing a search on Survey page, the page size resets back to the default (50)

On the Experience > Survey page, the page size can be increased to to display 100 or 250 rows. However, when a search is performed on the page, the page size jumps back to the default 50.


Survey reports always shows Applicable devices as 100%

Even when a general purpose survey has been assigned to a Management Group, the filter for survey reports always shows 100% for Applicable devices and not consistent with the devices assigned to the selected Management GroupNone

When using "Break Down By" filtering with "Operating System" on the Responsiveness page, some charts are not displayed or show "Not enough data to show deltas"

The Experience Responsiveness page does not apply the filtering of "Break Down By" with "Operating System" for the "View poorest devices" and "View what's changed (last 7 days)" charts.None

 Tooltip on the charts on the Stability page are misaligned.

On the Experience Stability page, it should be possible to drill down into the Visible metrics (e.g. Operating System crash). When hovering mouse over these charts, the tooltip does not always align correctly in charts for Events, so it will not be possible to drill down further to show the associated Event details (from the chart).None