This section includes references for the tiles included in Experience as well as how the scores are calculated.

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Page reference

A reference for the fields and tables on the pages in the Tachyon Experience application.

  • Experience Analytics menu
  • Advanced Analytics menu
  • Inventory Management menu
  • User Engagement pageThe User Engagement page lets you create and manage Sentiment and informational surveys, to gain direct feedback related to end-user experience, as well as create and manage Announcements to communicate with your end-users.
  • FiltersInformation about how to use the Filters bar that appears at the top of Experience pages.
  • Tile ButtonsThe Stability, Responsiveness, Performance, and User Experience pages all have a set of tiles that allow navigation or a change of view.

Score reference

This reference provides details on how the scores are collected and calculated.

  • The ScoresThe Experience Score is an overall number that represents the user experience of a given device. It is a total of weighted scores in the four categories - Performance, Stability, Responsiveness, and User Sentiment. The total possible score overall or in any given category is 100.
  • Metrics Collection DetailsMetrics are the data points that are collected by the 1E Client and sent to the Tachyon server. They are collected at different intervals depending on the type of data that is being collected.

Experience Product Packs reference

Reference information for Experience feature-related Product Packs that are included in the Tachyon Platform zip. These Product Packs are required to support various features of Experience.

  • 1E Experience product packClassic product pack used to create the 1E Experience instruction set in Tachyon, required by the following Experience features.


A glossary of Tachyon Experience terminology.

Tachyon Experience release information

Details of the Tachyon Experience release history, current release notes and details of third-party licenses.