The Users page displays user experience information, with measurements of how well their devices are providing them with a good experience combined with their user survey responses.

The Users page

On this page:

The Users page

Here you can find all of the user-related information in Experience. The main part of the page is the Users table, which displays the following information:

UsernameThe name of the user. This is a link to a page that provides data specific to that user, as gathered by Experience.
Last ActivityThe last time data was gathered for the user.
DevicesThe number of devices the user is associated with.
User SentimentThe user's latest User Sentiment score. 
Application ResponsivenessThe latest score for how reactive the user's sessions have been.
Pain PointsThe number of entries where the latest User Sentiment score is marked as Poor (orange) or Very Poor (red with an exclamation mark). The number is a link, which displays the particular user's Sentiment Survey responses, filtered to show the latest and just Poor or Very Poor ratings.
Device PerformanceThe average device performance for the user and their devices.
Device ResponsivenessThe lowest score for device responsiveness for the user across all their devices.
Device StabilityThe score for device stability for the user across all their devices.
Additional MetricsAny Metric that has been created by an Experience Survey Administrator as part of defining a new User Sentiment Survey. These aren't shown by default but can be added from the Select Metrics popup.

You can also control the information that is displayed in the table using the Select Metrics button in the page header, which displays the Select Metrics popup, allowing you to determine which columns get displayed and in which order.

Users page - Select Metrics

The Users page - Overview tab

This page is displayed when you click on a username on the Users page and shows all of the details that have been gathered or derived for that user. There are two main tabs on the page: Overview, as shown in the picture opposite, and Sentiment, which displays a list of the user's survey responses.

The Overview tab displays the following information:

User details - a panel that displays information for the user that is held in AD and the aggregated scores for that user, as derived by the Experience application from all of the devices the user is associated with and their User Sentiment Survey responses.

User page - Device Panel - Metrics tab

The Device Panel Metrics tab

To the right of the User details panel are device panels for all of the devices the user is associated with. The device panel displays some basic information about the device, as gathered by Tachyon, and three tabs: Metrics, Sentiment and Activity.

Inventory Management - Users - One Device - Metrics

The Device Panel Sentiment tab

The picture opposite shows the Device Panel Sentiment tab for ACME-WIN1002.acme.local. This displays the last responses to User Sentiment Surveys made by the user on that device, clicking on the question link displays the user page Sentiment tab filtered to show just the responses to that question on that device.

Inventory Management - Users - One Device - Sentiment

The Device Panel Activity tab

The Activity tab shows when the user was last logged on to the device, where they accessed it from, how well their session is performing in terms of how reactive it is.

There is also an indication of how long they have been logged on, how long they've been present at the device and how long their current interaction with the device has been.

Inventory Management - Users - One Device - Activity

The User page - Sentiment tab

Here you can see all of the responses made by a user to any User Sentiment Surveys they have received. The main part of this page is a searchable Responses table:

ResponseThe response they made to a User Sentiment Survey.
FQDNThe FQDN for the device where they made the response. This is a link to the Devices page for the device, where you can view all of the device metrics.
DateHow long ago they made the response.
SurveyThe User Sentiment Survey name. This is a link to the Survey page for the survey, where you can view all the Survey responses.
QuestionThe question for the User Sentiment Survey.
Free textAny free text they entered when responding.

You also have the option for viewing the latest responses to the survey by switching the Latest Only toggle to on. You can also select to display only the responses that are rated Poor or Very Poor by switching the Pain Points Only toggle to on.

User page - Sentiment tab