The Nomad ClientHealth registry values are held under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > 1E > ClientHealth key, as shown in the picture opposite.

Each of the registry entries is described in the following table:

Registry valueDefault valueInstaller propertyDescription


This property sets the path for all the Nomad logs. The ClientHealth log file name is always set to the default ClientHealth.log.

Sets the path and filename of the ClientHealth log file.

Sets the maximum size (in bytes) of the ClientHealth log file.

Duration (in hours) before sending status messages to Configuration Manager. For example:

  • If you set the duration to 12 hours, ClientHealth will not update Configuration Manager until the duration has lapsed or if the status for a particular health check has changed, in which case, a new status message for that particular check is sent.
  • If you set the value to 0, ClientHealth updates Configuration Manager each time it runs its checks irrespective of the previous status of a particular check.



This value sets whether Nomad sends the ClientHealth status messages to Configuration Manager or not. To enable this feature, you set this value to True.

The Nomad Dashboard requires this value to be set to True.