This task sequence action is used to install Nomad.

When run, this task:
  • Reads the NomadinstallPath task sequence variable (set by the Stage Nomad package task sequence) for the location of the installer to run the Nomad installation
  • If an .mst file is found in the root of the package, it adds the transform automatically with the installation
  • If multiple .mst files are present in the root of the package, the TRANSFORMS installer property referencing the .mst file must be added in the command-line otherwise this step fails.
This task sequence action:
  • Restarts the machine after installing Nomad
Known issue: Currently, this task sequence will not process any additional installation parameters.

Configurable parameters

ParameterDefault valueDescription
NameInstall NomadName for the custom task sequence.
DescriptionAction to install Nomad in the new OS.Description of the custom task sequence.
Additional installation commands Additional installation parameters.