Nomad 6.3.201 release notes - last updated 

These release notes contain late-breaking information about Nomad. For the most up-to-date information, see the online release notes and known issues.

New features

This maintenance release introduces the following features:

Features release in Nomad 6.3.100

This maintenance release introduced the following features:

  • Enhanced Nomad support for Office 365 Updates - Nomad support for Office 365 updates has been enhanced to add support for Peer copy over HTTP or HTTPS and to enable the Single-site download to work with updates.
  • Support for Configuration Manager in the Cloud - Nomad is able to use Configuration Manager Distribution Points hosted on the Windows Azure platform. Nomad has also been tested to work in Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) scenarios, where Configuration Manager and Active Directory are hosted on Windows Azure platform. In this scenario, ActiveEfficiency Server may also be hosted on the Windows Azure platform.
    Nomad also supports downloading from Cloud Distribution Points and communication via the Cloud Management Gateway. Please refer to Cloud Support for more details.
  • Increased download speed - the size of Nomad download blocks has been made dynamic. This enables Nomad to better adapt to the available link bandwidth and increases the efficiency and speed of the download on high-bandwidth links whilst still maintaining its minimal impact on low-bandwidth links. This enhancement has been made available to downloads from the DP as well as peer-to-peer copying. Please refer to Maximizing download speed for high-bandwidth links using Dynamic Block Sizes for more details.
  • New cached content report available on the Nomad dashboard - now you can view the location of content held in Nomad caches across the network providing greater visibility on where content is being stored. Please refer to The Nomad dashboard - Cached content report for more details.
  • Nomad download pause - Nomad integrates with Tachyon to enable pausing or resuming Nomad downloads throughout the estate. This feature provides a safety measure for situations when a faulty or harmful deployment is made by mistake. In such situations pausing Nomad downloads on all targeted devices can prevent or limit the potential damage. It can also be used to facilitate troubleshooting, making it possible to pause all Nomad downloads across the network and enable IT teams to eliminate content distribution from their assessment of network bandwidth usage. Please refer to Nomad Download Pause for more details.
  • Nomad pass through to Configuration Manager on license expiry - Nomad can be configured to pass responsibility for content download back to the Configuration Manager agent when the Nomad license expires. This minimizes the possible impact on downloads when a Nomad licence renewal is imminent. Please refer to Installation - Handling license expiry gracefully for more details.
  • Optimization of Nomad Cache cleaning to minimize impact on local devices - from Nomad 6.3 and above the Nomad cache now has a regulated cache cleaning cycle that works in addition to the automated cache cleaning rules. This is to cater for the lately added pre-caching feature where extra content is being stored in the Nomad caches. For more details please refer to Cache management - The cache clean cycle.
  • New Nomad Baseline wizard for creating Configuration Manager baselines for Nomad - This wizard creates a baseline in Configuration Manager that can be used to manage settings related to NomadBranch and ClientHealth. Please refer to The Nomad Baseline Wizard for more details.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2016 Core OS and Windows Server 2012 R2 Core OS

Nomad release history   

  • WSA Support
  • OSDDownloadContent.exe Support
  • Turned off Status messages for Client health and Dashboard by default.

Contained fixes

  • 78808 - Nomad causing ARP storm with FanOut enabled resulting in some ports being shut down by network policy

  • 129252 - Nomad HTTPS Peer copy on Windows 10 1709 with Default Virtual Switch, PKI certificate tries to bind to Default Virtual Switch IP subnet, not device IP Subnet and fails

  • 124850 - Nomad issue with Hyper-V Default Switch in Windows 10 1709

  • 113381 - Nomad CacheCleaner process miscalculates Nomad max allowed space

  • 135659 - Re-position Create/Delete Nomad Application Policy TS steps from Pre-6.0 into 1E Nomad group

  • 136770 - Nomad Fails to pass  Express Updates job to CTM when Success code registry have value set to 0x9999 in Nomad branch
  • 103758 - Excessive Comms logging making issues hard to troubleshoot

  • 107144 - Nomad not stopping SSD download when it is supplanted as subnet master
  • 113902 - Client health Nomad Share Account check fails when HTTP/S peer copy used and no share is present
  • 113379 - Longer Strings crashing Nomad (Nomad InhibitedSubnet List when exceeds certain limit, throws an error in NomadBranch.log and While Upgrade Nomad).
  • 121922 - Handle Express Updates gracefully with CM CB 1710  and notify E_FAIL to CTM.
  • 124771 - Task Sequence Transferring Bar doesn't go away after 100%
  • 124934 - Cannot disable TSDisableProgressUI with Nomad
  • 123257 - Downloads from cloud DP are failing.
  • 109809 - OSDDownloadContent.exe Support.
  • 121702 - Nomad Branch service crashing during OSD task sequence after rebooting into full OS.
  • 124934 - Cannot disable TSDisableProgressUI with Nomad.
  • 130340 - LSZ regression issue with BigFix integration.
  • 132692 - Nomad PBA with size estimation fails due to the requirement on TsProgressUI.exe (7 November 2017)

  • Nomad Content Pause
  • Enhanced Nomad support for Office 365 Updates
  • Microsoft Azure Support 
  • Increased Download Speed
  • Nomad Cache Optimization
  • Nomad Baseline Wizard
  • Support for Core OS Server 2016 and Server 2012 R2

Contained fixes

  • 52073 - Nomad Peer Backup Assistant (PBA) doesn't do recursive delete so USMT store is left behind on the hosted machine

  • 52073 - Nomad Peer Backup Assistant (PBA) fails with hardened Windows GPO due to NMDS_Users group removal from Shopping 5.2.100

  • 80510 - Incorrect behavior with HTTPS P2P when cert is invalid or missing

  • 81070 - Nomad does not add firewall exceptions when HTTP(S) is enabled post-installation

  • 64010 - Remove Authenticated Users group from Nomad PBA share permissions

  • 89788 - Nomad doesn't work if content spans multiple volumes

  • 86594 - Pre-cache Deployment over HTTPS only

  • 88150 - Nomad v6.2 fails to switch between HTTP and HTTPS

  • 88135 - Nomad fails to create hard links or replicate content to ConfigMgr client cache for Software Updates

  • 87644 - SSPBA peers excluded if not in the same subnet when NET LITERAL enabled

  • 79086 - Align NTFS Permissions on Cache folder with Share permissions when configuring Authenticated user setting

  • 97588 - Inside CopyLoopWait CopyError: Missing File(s)

  • 88188 - Software Updates are not installing on Internet-facing clients

  • 81335 - Nomad not installing on Server 2008 and 2012 R2 Core OS

  • 97205 - Remove limitation of Anonymous Access for Pre-Caching

  • 100130 - Nomad crash caused by Empty string returned from WMI

  • 102523 - Peer Backup Assistant Size Estimation not running when PBA steps are in a task sequence group

  • 107633 - Alt-Http being logged although P2PEnabled=9

  • 109580 - Installer to handle Blocksize especially during an upgrade

  • 109254 - Blocksize field inserted into the Install Nomad in WinPE step (27 March 2017)

  • Peer copy over HTTPS and SSL
  • Encryption support for PBA
  • PBA copy over HTTP or HTTPS

Contained fixes

  • 77946 - Unhandled Exception when doing Nomad Share health check
  • 71718 - Remote differential compression is not working
  • 77657 - Unable to PreCache with updated Source Files with Same Name but different content
  • 76075 - Nomad registering greater than 100% in AE
  • 74135 - Applying transform via command line in 'Install Nomad' step
  • 74040 - PBA: Local Copy of USMT capture saved with purpose to serve in NMDS_FIND
  • 73943 - Nomad binds with the wrong certificate when issuer names are overlapping
  • 73781 - Nomad package download failures - SMS Job Data not found
  • 73704 - PBA: Support for FQDN
  • 70746 - Nomad choosing lower weighted machine if it responded first
  • 65773 - Registering proper IP in AE in case of Multiple Network Interface (27 October 2016)

  • Office 365 Updates support
  • SSD Enhancements

Contained fixes

  • 60666 - Use AE to get list of devices in same subnet (LocalSSD)/Enable SSD Provider over WiFi
  • 49513 - NomadAdmin Installer license agreement font issue
  • 55394 - Client Health firewall check exception
  • 49910 - WARNING: No Bios GUID" with Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 3 tablets Major release (02 September 2016)

  • Nomad Dashboard
  • Dynamic Pre-caching
  • Nomad SECure
  • Client Health
  • Windows 10 Servicing upgrades
  • BIOS2UEFI v1.0.1609.0502

Contained fixes

  • 32027 - Nomad Registers Content as 100% after hash mismatch in pre-cache jobs
  • 47447 - Nomad ignores file with the word "sparse" between the file name and extension when creating hardlink or copy content to the ConfigMgr client cache
  • 47884 - PBHA Request fails with longer host names
  • 42473 - Throttled downloads of large WIM file after certain percentage
  • 53381 - Stage and Install steps doesn't work on non-default windows drive.
  • 49024 - Nomad should never get stuck more than 100 times (or less)
  • 52058 - Unable to determine why Nomad fails to connect
  • 52641 - Install Nomad TS actions fails to install Nomad
  • 52057 - ClientHealth service causes Nomad client installation to fail on CM Primary server
  • 52050 - Nomad LsZ gen failure on long file path
  • 53369 - Client Health service throws exception when there are no CH dlls deployed
  • 49024 - Nomad should never get stuck more than 100 times (or less)
  • 51219 - Nomad fails to download software updates via Internet with SuccessCodes 0x9999 set
  • 51879 - Bad Blknum warnings in logs Maintenance release (02 February 2016)

  • Precaching improvements and enhancements
    • Managing pre-cached jobs in the Configuration Manager console
    • RBAC support
    • Support for multiple management points
    • Hash validation
    • Support for custom ports
    • Powershell cmdlets for Pre-cache job management
  • OSD
    • Support for Auto Apply drivers tS action in SMSTSNomad
    • Support for multiple network access accounts
  • Core
    • Job Manager improvements for improved queuing of jobs
    • Improved interaction between Nomad and NightWatchman
    • Net literal support for SSD and PBA/SSPBA/PBAHA

Contained fixes

  • 20311 - Nomad Issue creating LSZ file on some packages using AEPreCache on remote DP
  • 20319 - Nomad 6 pre-cache jobs and Nightwatchman sleep prevention.
  • 20323 - Nomad precache doesn’t handle multiple Management Points Major release (10 August 2015)

  • Nomad pre-caching
  • OSD Integration enhancements
  • FIPS compliant communication encryption
  • Enhanced Nomad share security
  • Windows 10 system deployment and support
  • Configuration Manager 2012 SP2 and Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 support

Contained fixes

  • 20287 - Nomad fails to download content when there are pending jobs for the same content with stale details Minor release (26 September 2014)

  • Nomad integration with WakeUp
  • Memory-efficient P2P transfer
  • Download on clients is prevented if the content on the Distribution Point is corrupt or bad
  • Improvements to logging for LSZ generation error scenarios
  • Support for App-V 5.0 SP2
  • Central multicast now works for SIS content in CM2012 (except for Applications)

The service-startup type has now been changed to Automatic (delayed). This is because of our dependency on the SMS Agent Host service which has got the same startup type.

Contained fixes

  • 20062 - Nomad Installer tries to resolve My Favourites and other personal folders during installation and fails when do not exist.
  • 20124 - TSEnv2 fails trying to set a variable value with a long length
  • 20130 - TSEnv2 Handles values with commas in as name-value pairs rather than one value containing a comma
  • 20048 - Change the Startup Type for Nomad on Win7+ machines


  • Q12587 - Nomad doesn't appear to use Network Access Account to connect to DP
  • Q12552 - Nomad needs to validate job properties before persisting and attempting to download
  • Q12550 - SMSNomad failing to call CacheCleaner.exe due to cache evaluation error
  • Q12548 - Nomad and "If software updates are not available on preferred distribution point or remote distribution point, download content from Microsoft Updates" option
  • Q12546 - DP generating bad LsZ files with missing data