This custom task sequence action is used to save the Nomad cache either in WinPE or a full Microsoft Windows operating system. It copies, links or moves previously downloaded content to the protected task sequence runtime folder so that it is not deleted by the standard Apply Operating System task sequence action.
When used in WinPE the Install and configure Nomad in WinPE action must be run first.
When run, this task:
  1. Locates the Nomad cache on the local drive
  2. Deletes the Configuration Manager cache if the Wipe CCM Cache checkbox is checked in the task sequence action Properties.
This task sequence action:
  • Must be performed after the last Pre-stage Content Using Nomad typically before the Apply Operating System action and, or prior to booting into WinPE if performing an OS refresh.

From Nomad version 6.0 the following enhancements have been made to Save Nomad Cache:
  • Save Nomad Cache now also preserves the Nomad log files, these become available again after the OS has been deployed when Restore Nomad Cache runs. Save Nomad Cache also appends a time stamp to the name of the Nomad log files to prevent any possibility of name conflicts during the subsequent Restore Nomad Cache action.
  • Save Nomad Cache only copies/moves the downloaded content. Specifically it only copies folders that end with the _Cache suffix that contain the downloaded packages and any associated .LSZ or .LST files. All other content is left behind. This minimizes any chance of name conflicts during the subsequent Restore Nomad Cache action.
  • The first time Save Nomad Cache runs it modifies the active Nomad cache location to point into the SMSTaskSequence protected directory. Any subsequent downloads with then go directly into the protected location, removing the need for any further Save Cache Action steps.

Configurable parameters

ParameterDefault valueDescription
NameSaves the Nomad cache.The name for the custom task sequence action.
DescriptionAction to save Nomad cache prior to cleaning the diskThe description for the custom task sequence action.
OperationMoveMay be set to one of Copy, Move and either copies the cache contents to the new location, moves the cache contents to the new location or links the new location to the existing cache location.
Wipe CCM CacheEnabled by default.

When checked, it sets the action to delete the Configuration Manager cache.

Only works if Configuration Manager is using default locations for the CCM Cache.
The Alternate Cache Path parameter was only required when using redirect, and since redirect is now deprecated the parameter has been withdrawn.