How to administer, use and maintain Nomad, including: some typical worked scenarios, a feature reference organized into core and advanced features, operational best practices and frequently asked questions.

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Feature Reference

This section describes each feature of Nomad, there are two main categories: Core features and Advanced features.

  • Core featuresNomad provides a number of key features that maximize download efficiency in branch network deployment scenarios. It integrates closely with Configuration Manager, assists with WAN link usage efficiency during downloads, copes with different network protocols and provides support for App-V virtual application downloads.
  • Advanced featuresNomad provides a number of advanced features that deal with specific scenarios and enhancements, including: the Nomad dashboard, client health, Office 365 updates, single-site download, peer-backup assistant and Nomad Fanout.
Operational best practices

Some best practices tips for particular operational situations.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions related to Nomad.