Names and locations of log files created by Nomad.

For issues relating toRequired log filesLocation of log files
1E Client
  • 1E.Client.log
  • NomadBranchUninstall-YYY-MM-DDThh_mm_ss_000Z.log
Default location: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\Client\
Nomad client
  • NomadBranch.log

Default location: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\NomadBranch\

Optional location if installed using 1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA): C:\WINDOWS\CCM\Logs\

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OS deployment
  • NomadPackageLocator.log
  • NBCacheActions.log
  • All Configuration Manager logs including SMSTS.log
The path changes at different stages of an OS deployment
Nomad and ActiveEfficiency integration
  • Services.log