MaxWorkRates is a registry key, that must be created, to hold registry values for each day of the week (Day0 to Day6) where the hourly maximums for the variable work rates are set.
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Hourly variable workmates can be set throughout the day.

The days of the week are labelled: Day0 to Day6 where Day0 = Sunday, Day1 = Monday etc. Each day value is REG_SZ string set as a comma separated list of hourly work rates for that day.

The following is an example for setting for the Day# values where on Sunday, a maximum work rate of 20% will be used. On Monday, the max work rate between 0:00-05:59 is 80%, between 06:00-17:59 is 20% and between 18:00-23:59 is it 80% again. For the rest of the week, the work rate specified on the command-line is used. If neither work rate is specified, the default is 80%.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


See setting intra-day work rates for more details.