Content not available on client machines

If you find yourself in a position where content is not available on a client machine, take the following steps to validate the job. You will need:

  • Access to the SQL server where the ActiveEfficiency database is hosted
  • Access to the client machine
  • Access to the Configuration Manager console

ActiveEfficiency server side activity

When the pre-cache jobs are initiated from Configuration Manager console, several activities take place in the ActiveEfficiency server.

  1. To see is the job is running on the ActiveEfficiency server, run:

    SELECT * from ContentDistributionJobs

    The expected result is a job with a timestamp as illustrated below:

  2. To see if DeviceGroups have executed, run:

    SELECT * from DeviceGroups

     The expected result is illustrated below. In our example, the Name (highlighted) is the name of the collection we used for the pre-cache.

    However, DeviceID is not user friendly, so in order to identify its hostname, run:

    SELECT DGM.DeviceGroupId, DEV.HostName
    FROM DeviceGroupMembership DGM 
    JOIN Devices DEV on DGM.DeviceId = DEV.Id

    The expected result is:

  3. To get the name of the application which we pre-cached on the win10 machine for the precache content collection, run: 

    SELECT * from ContentGroups

    The expected result is:

Once we have validated that our job exists in Active efficiency, we can check our client. In the event that the job is not in ActiveEfficiency, run the sync between Nomad and ActiveEfficiency. This event takes place every 30 minutes but you can force a manual sync. To do this:

  1. Open a command prompt with elevated rights (Run as administrator).
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\1E\ActiveEfficiency\Service.
  3. Run ServiceHost.exe -NomadSyncAll.

Nomad client side activity

By default, Nomad clients are configured to poll ActiveEfficiency for ContentDistributionJobs every 24 hours. You can force the precache on the win10 machine by running the below command on the Nomad clients: 

C:\Program Files\1E\Client\Extensibility\NomadBranch\NomadBranch.exe –precache

As soon as you run the command, you can see in NomadBranch.log that it has got a notification for pending downloads:

httpstatus 200 from server '1etraincas', port 80 PrecacheCycle 9/21/2018 2:45:44 PM 3508 (0x0DB4)
GetDownloadNotifications() succeeded; on 1etraincas:80 got 2 notification(s) PrecacheCycle 9/21/2018 2:45:44 PM 3508 (0x0DB4)

From this point, the download will behave like any other Nomad download – it will trigger an election, elect a master and download the content.

Other things to note

  1. If you are unable to pre-cache the PXE Boot image:
    1. Create a new PXE enabled boot image.
    2. Create a task sequence to execute BCD.exe on the client machine. The boot image will now pre-cache in the TFTP folder. 
  2. If you want to trigger a Nomad pre-cache, run this command:

    C:\Program Files\1E\Client\Extensibility\NomadBranch>NomadBranch.exe -precache
  3. If you want to customize pre-cache jobs: 
    1. To modify the batch size (the default is 20), update this registry key:


      The pre-cache job does not download all packages at once. By default, only 20 packages are pre-cached over a 24-hour period and updating this value will modify its behavior.

    2. To modify its ActiveEfficiency polling frequency (the default is 24 hours) for pre-cache jobs and new content, update this registry key:

  4. What is the relationship between pre-cache and Maintenance windows?
    • There is currently no relationship between the two. We can only suggest setting the Intra-Day work rate for clients on that particular site to adhere to the low bandwidth during production hours.
  5. Nomad pre-cache will not be used to pre-cache software updates. See Nomad Pre-caching for more details.
  6. If you want to check the progress of pre-cache jobs, go to the Nomad dashboard within the Configuration Manager console. Navigate to Monitoring > 
  7. If you are prompted to enter your credentials when you access the pre-cache tile on the Dashboard node, add the Nomad Dashboard Web site to the local intranet trusted sites.
  8. Pre-caching is not supported on Workgroup machines.
  9. If you experience problems with pre-caching a task sequence and the dialog hangs at the progress stage, it could be because the task sequence is still loading all the packages. Wait until it completes before you click Next.
  10. If you come across this error in the NomadBranch.log:

    DontNotifyPlatform: No ActiveEfficiency server+port to get notifications with
    No download notifications received.

     it means that ActiveEfficiency's Platform URL is incorrect on the client. You can correct it at: