Value (in hours) for Nomad to register pending and failed content registrations with ActiveEfficiency. Registrations can fail when ActiveEfficiency or the SQL Server hosting ActiveEfficiency DB is busy, overloaded or down for maintenance, resulting in content registration mismatch between the clients and ActiveEfficiency.

The Content Registration Sync Cycle is available in Nomad 7.0 or later (1E Client 4.1 or later) which registers pending and failed content registrations with ActiveEfficiency. Please refer to Single-site download: Improved resilience of content registration.

Registry valueTypeDefault valueNotesInstaller property


A periodic cycle that does pending content registrations. The value specifies the periodic run of the cycle in HOURS .

Setting it to 0 means the feature is turned off and Nomad will not run the content registration sync cycle.

Range: from 4 hours to 168 hours (1 week).

When this registry value is set to non-zero the feature is enabled, and Nomad sets the following two registry values:

  • ContentRegSyncReqDelay is set to 1000 millisecs
  • ContentRegSyncBatchSz is set to 30