A step-by-step guide to interactively installing the Nomad download monitor (also known as NomadBranchGUI).

Installing the Nomad download monitor

The Nomad branch download monitor is a tool for observing Nomad activity on either the local or a remote computer. The tool is required only for testing and troubleshooting on selected computers, and is not required or recommended for general deployment to all computers.

Generally, you only install the download monitor to administrators workstations in Advanced UI mode (UI=1) to enable them to connect any Nomad client.

To install the monitor:

  1. Start NomadBranchGUI.msi.
  2. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  3. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  4. On the Destination Folder screen, click Next to accept the default location (C:\Program Files\1E\NomadBranch\  or C:\Program Files\1E\NomadBranch (x86)\) or Browse to select a new location.
  5. On the UI Mode screen, choose:
    • Basic – displays progress bars only
    • Advanced – displays the current download and status bars along with controls to modify the work rate, pause/resume the download and option to cancel it.
  6. On the Ready to install the program screen, click Next to start the installation.

Alternatively, you can install the monitor in unattended mode. The installer has two properties which determines the behavior of the monitor:

  • 0 – sets the UI to basic mode and is the default value
  • 1 – sets the UI to advanced mode

To install the monitor in basic mode in unattended mode, open a command prompt and run:

> msiexec.exe /i NomadBranchGUI.msi /qn

To install the monitor in advanced mode silently, open a command prompt and run:

> msiexec.exe /i NomadBranchGUI.msi UI=1 /qn
On this page:

Reviewing the installation

A status icon is added to the system tray after installation to display the download status:

  • Download in progress– Download in progress
  • No downloads– No downloads

To open the download monitor:

  1. Double-click the status icon.
  2. If you see this UI, you installed the monitor in basic mode.

  3. If you see this UI, you installed the monitor in advanced mode.

To find out more about this tool, see The Download Monitor.

Changing the behavior of the monitor

You can change the behavior of the download monitor by updating its registry value after installation.

Changing the behavior of the monitor after you have installed can only be done in the registry.

To change the behavior:

  • On 32-bit machines, go to HKLM\software\1e\NomadBranch\UI
  • On 64-bit machines, go to HKLM\software\Wow6432Node\1e\NomadBranch\UI

Note: A restart might be required when changing from advanced mode to basic  mode.