The behavior of local multicast.
Registry valueDefault valueNotesInstaller property
MulticastSupport0x0 (0)All machines in a single branch must be configured using the same value for this parameter.

If you are not using multicast, deploy the Nomad branch agent with the MULTICASTSUPPORT property set to 0 to reduce the noise in Nomad logs.

Prior to Nomad 7.0 multicast was enabled (0x1) by default. Now it is disabled (0x0) by default.


No Multicast – disables the feature.


Data Only Multicastchoose this for a standard Nomad multicast. Data refers to the content of the downloaded package. 

Nomad control communications are broadcast as normal on the local subnet. Select this option for standard functionality.


Control Only Multicastcontrol information refers to the communications between Nomad enabled machines, especially for elections.

This may be used if there is more than one subnet in a single location to enable a single Nomad master to be elected for all the subnets.


Control and Data Multicast – data and control information is multicast.

Select this option if a branch has multiple subnets connected by high speed routers.