Some best practices tips for particular operational situations.

The combination of Nomad and Configuration Manager results in a complex set of behaviors related to package downloads and updating. We have some basic recommendations for maximizing download success and minimizing disruption to service.

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Changes to a package source

Incremental changes to a package source is fine but when the contents of a package changes radically, it is best to create a completely new package rather than modify an existing one. This will maximize the efficiency of the download once to branch functionality.

Updating distribution points

Try to avoid updating distribution points with new package versions while the previous versions are still being distributed. This is particularly relevant if the package being downloaded is large, such as an OS image. If it is unavoidable, force a policy refresh on the clients to ensure that Configuration Manager clients have the option to cancel existing download jobs for that package. 

OS deployments

Nomad can be integrated with OS Deployment (OSD) task sequences. If you use Nomad for your OSDs, we recommend that you pre-cache content associated with the task sequences on the branch site prior to advertising the task sequence. There is further information in using Nomad for an OS refresh.