Sets the site SSD query stagger duration (seconds).

Deployments to large numbers of clients (30,000 or more) generate significant network traffic from 1E Client to an ActiveEfficiency Server that may result in IIS 503 Overload errors on the server, causing content registrations and SSD requests to fail. SiteSsdStagger allows an elected subnet master to wait for a random configurable time before making a site SSD request. All peers in the subnet participating in the election would also synchronize and wait for the same time before copying from master machine.

Registry valueTypeDefault valueNotesInstaller property


Sets the site SSD query stagger duration in seconds. The stagger is 0 (disabled) by default.

The maximum value that can configured is 300 seconds (5 minutes).

There is no SSD staggering in WinPE.

Site SSD happens when broadcast is enabled or if local SSD is enabled and it does not return any devices from ActiveEfficiency.

Please consult 1E before changing this value.

This setting works in conjunction with LocalSsdStagger.