Ensures the cache state of a device held on ContentDistribution is in sync with locally held data. This setting controls the Content Registration Sync Cycle feature.
Registry valueDefault valueNotesInstaller property

1440 (1day)

Range: from 60 to 525600 (1Year).


The Content Registration Sync Cycle is available in the following versions of 1E Client, where the Nomad client registers pending and failed content registrations with ActiveEfficiency or Tachyon Platform. Please refer to Single Site Download: Improved resilience of content registration.

  • Nomad 7.1 in 1E Client 5.2  - uses Content Distribution in Tachyon Platform
  • Nomad 7.0.200 in 1E Client 5.1 - uses ActiveEfficiency
  • Nomad 7.0.100 in 1E Client 5.0 - uses ActiveEfficiency
  • Nomad 7.0 in 1E Client 4.1 - uses ActiveEfficiency