Everything you need to know about getting  Nomad 7.1 installed and running in your environment. This section is structured in a way that leads you through the three phases of a typical implementation project.

  • Design, including requirements
  • Install, including preparation
  • Verify.

In this section...

Design Considerations

Information that will help you design and plan the implementation of Nomad in your organization.


A checklist of typical infrastructure prerequisites and dependencies to install Nomad.


What you will need to prepare in advance of implementing Nomad in your network. Typically, these are tasks that may take some time, depending on how your organization works. A more complete checklist of tasks is provided in Requirements.

Installing Nomad

How to install Nomad.

Upgrading Nomad

A step-by-step guide to upgrading Nomad.

  • Upgrading to Tachyon Platform

    Guidance for upgrading Tachyon, SLA, and ActiveEfficiency platforms to Tachyon Platform.

    Before you attempt an upgrade please ensure you thoroughly read all sections that apply to you. Combine the steps if your system matches multiple upgrade scenarios. If you cannot find a complete match, please contact 1E.

  • Upgrading to 1E Client

    Guidance for upgrading Tachyon and other legacy 1E agents to 1E Client. This page contains detailed steps for upgrading Tachyon Agent and a summary of considerations for upgrading other legacy agents. The 1E Client contains clients for 1E products and solutions, and their upgrade documentation should be consulted before upgrading their clients and agents.

  • Nomad upgrade checklist

    Quick checklist for upgrading Nomad and PXE Everywhere.


Basic verification tests that cover the installation and basic use of Nomad.