How to install Nomad.

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Installing Nomad overview

Nomad installation requirements including installers and installation order.

Installing the Nomad app and 1E Content Distribution

An overview of the Tachyon Platform, and the interactive installation of Nomad and 1E Content Distribution using Tachyon Platform Setup, with screenshots.

Installing the 1E Client for Nomad

Guidance for deploying the 1E Client onto Windows computers, including installation and uninstallation.

Deploying the Nomad client using Configuration Manager

A step-by-step guide for using Configuration Manager to deploy the Nomad client to computers with the Nomad module enabled.

Installing Nomad Configuration Manager console extensions

A step-by-step guide to installing Nomad Configuration Manager (CM) console extensions.

Installing Nomad tools for Operating System Deployment OSD

A step-by-step guide to installing the Nomad OSD tools, also known as Nomad Branch Tools.

Installing the Nomad download monitor

A step-by-step guide to interactively installing the Nomad download monitor (also known as NomadBranchGUI).

Nomad post-installation tasks

Post-installation tasks that may be necessary to ensure that Nomad will work correctly in your environment.

Uninstalling Nomad

How to uninstall Nomad. Follow these recommendations if you want to reinstall Nomad instead of upgrading.