Nomad removes the need for distributed servers and intelligently uses only available bandwidth for all content distribution. This means the business is never impacted by Configuration Manager or Windows deployments.

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New features in Nomad 7.1


  • Works with Tachyon Platform 5.2
  • Modernized backend infrastructure - Nomad requires a back-end server, which was previously the legacy ActiveEfficiency platform, this has been replaced by the Tachyon Platform to provide Single-Site download, Pre-caching and a new Dashboard. For customers moving to Modern Management, Nomad provides visibility and control of Delivery Optimization, which is used by Intune, MS store and MS update.
  • Leverage the Tachyon Platform and 1E Client - with the Tachyon Platform you can enable further features including Experience, User Sentiment, Guaranteed State and Patch Success, as well as opening up real-time management to any task by acquiring the appropriate license.
  • Content Distribution - Content Distribution is a new component of the Tachyon Platform that provides control and visibility on content deployments and delivery in an organization
    • Replaces ActiveEfficiency features, maintaining support during upgrade for legacy Nomad clients (versions earlier than Nomad 7.1 in 1E Client 5.2)
    • Nomad 7.1 clients now connect to Tachyon Response Stack components (Switch and Background Channel) which act as a proxy for Content Distribution, and legacy clients continue to connect directly to Content Distribution.
  • Nomad app - the user interface for Content Distribution, provides real-time visibility of what content is downloading or available in each location, subnet and client, see how much WAN traffic is being saved overall and each day
    • Delivery Optimization (DO) Visibility - visibility of Delivery Optimization downloads and content availability in each location, subnet and device
    • Delivery Optimization (DO) and Windows Update Agent (WUA) monitoring - track Windows download or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager deployments on clients being downloaded via Delivery Optimization in real time, their peer to peer downloads efficiency, sources of the downloaded content and see this reported in the Nomad app dashboards
    • Overview page - gives a high-level view of the current status of content throughout the entire network
    • Content page - provides a Content-centric view of content distributed throughout your network
    • Task Sequences page - provides that visibility by grouping the reference content for each Task Sequence into a single view, so you can see which content is cached and which is not
    • Devices page - lists all Devices that have sent Nomad device registration events and have sent download events within a selected time period, links through to Device View 
    • Nomad Sites page - shows how the network is being used for content distribution in different locations
    • Client Health page - shows information from two Integrated Product Packs provided with the Tachyon Platform.


  • NomadBranch 7.1 client is the Nomad module in 1E Client 5.2
  • ActiveEfficiency features are now provided by Content Distribution on Tachyon Platform 5.2
  • Client status messages are sent via Tachyon event policy system - Content Distribution uses these instead of StatusMsgEvents using Configuration Manager
  • New client settings:
    • DeliveryOptimizationReportingEnabled - monitoring of Delivery Optimization downloads and reporting them to Content Distribution - disabled by default
    • SupportWPAD - provides support for Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD) - disabled by default.


  • ActiveEfficiency features are now provided by Content Distribution on Tachyon Platform 5.2.

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