Names and locations of log files created by Nomad.
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Nomad logs

The default location for all Nomad logs is the folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E

For issues relating toRequired log filesLocation of log files
1E Client
  • 1E.Client.log
  • NomadBranchUninstall-YYY-MM-DDThh_mm_ss_000Z.log

Default location:


Nomad client
  • NomadBranch.log

Default location:


Optional location if installed using 1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA):


1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA) was previously known as 1E Endpoint Agent Installation Solution Accelerator (EAISA) or Endpoint Agent Installer (EAI).

OS deployment
  • NomadPackageLocator.log
  • NBCacheActions.log
  • All Configuration Manager logs including SMSTS.log
The path changes at the different stages of an OS deployment.
Nomad and ContentDistribution integration
  • ContentDistribution.log
Delivery Optimization monitoring and reporting
  • NomadBranch.DO.log

Default location: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\NomadBranch\

NomadBranch.DO.log is created when Delivery Optimization monitoring and reporting are enabled using the DeliveryOptimizationReportingEnabled registry value.

Logging Levels

The table below describes the logging levels which are configurable for server components.


Only outputs errors. An error is a serious problem, typically requiring operator intervention of some sort to restore full functionality.


Outputs errors and warnings. A warning indicates a potential problem, where the system can nonetheless function without intervention.


Outputs general information in addition to the errors and warnings. This is the default.


Outputs debugging information in addition to all the previous levels.

TraceOutputs the maximum information available. Used only in exceptional circumstances as it will generate huge amounts of logging output.
Logging levels should only be changed from info only if requested by 1E Support and reset to info after investigation is complete.

The method of configuring logging levels for the Tachyon Switch changed in v3.3 to using the above text values, but retains -log=0 as the default to mean the same as -log=info.