Subject-oriented lists of Nomad installer properties. There are two Nomad installers that have usable installer properties: 1E.Client-x64.msi (and its x86 version) and NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi.

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1E Client installer properties for the Nomad client module

The following headings describe the Nomad client installer properties associated with each particular area of functionality available in Nomad:

For 1E Client installation, please add MODULE.NOMAD. as a prefix to each of the old installer properties. For example: MODULE.NOMAD.COMPATIBILITYFLAGS

You must use UPPERCASE when specifying the name of any installer property in a mst transform file, and preferably when including them in a msiexec command-line.

Names of settings stored in the configuration file are not case-sensitive. Setting names stored in the registry may be case-sensitive and should be specified as shown.

Settings that have numeric values must be set using decimal integers, unless otherwise specified.

Nomad client installation settings

Nomad client installation settings exist in the 1E Client configuration file, and not in the registry. They can be specified during installation of the 1E Client as Windows installer properties, and therefore must be specified in upper-case. Settings that exist in the 1E Client configuration file can be mixed-case, and can be reconfigured after installation using 1E Client command-line parameters.


NomadBranchAdminUIExt installer properties

There is only one value that is of use in the NomadBranchAdminUIExt registry that defines the location of the Tachyon Platform Server for use with the Nomad Pre-caching feature: PlatformURL