How systems administrators use Nomad to deploy software, software updates and operating system upgrades.

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Deploying software

Scenarios for deploying software using Nomad. Nomad is a peer to peer content distribution solution that integrates with a number of software deployment tools.

Deploying software updates

Scenarios for deploying software updates using Nomad. These scenarios are only supported on Configuration Manager.

  • Deploying software updates using Configuration Manager

    Nomad integrates with the Configuration Manager (CM) client content Distribution Point (DP) download process, and can be enabled on individual packages (including Driver Packages, Operating System Images, Operating System Upgrade Packages and Boot Images) and Task Sequences. For Applications and Software Updates, Nomad is enabled on each client for all Applications and Software Updates through Default Client Settings in Configuration Manager.

    In addition, Nomad can also download content from Windows Update / Microsoft Update (WUMU). Starting in CB version 1806, software updates can be deployed to devices without first downloading and distributing content to Distribution Points, instead clients download updates directly from Microsoft Update.

  • Deploying updates for Office 365

    Configuration Manager introduced support for Office 365 updates in Current Branch 1602, and Nomad introduced support in version 6.1.100. This section describes how Office 365 deployments differ in terms of ACP requirements and how Nomad behaves during the download.

Deploying operating systems

Scenarios for Operating System Deployment (OSD) using Nomad. These scenarios are only supported on Configuration Manager.

  • Using Nomad with Operating System Deployment OSD

    Nomad can integrate with Operating System Deployment (OSD) strategies to maximize the efficiency of distributing large OS content across the network. It does this by providing a number of Task Sequence steps that can be integrated directly into your OSD Task Sequences.

  • Using Nomad with PXE Everywhere

    How PXE Everywhere enables 'bare metal' clients to boot to Windows PE.

Monitoring Nomad

The Nomad app, powered by the Tachyon Platform provides a visual snapshot of download activity.

Ensuring Nomad is secure

An overview of Nomad security methods, and how to customize default Nomad security settings.