Integrating with ActiveEfficiency

If you opt to integrate NightWatchman Enterprise with ActiveEfficiency when you install the NightWatchman Management Center, you gain access to this feature:

The following ActiveEfficiency features are now obsolete:

  • Automated power consumption data catalog updates, including hardware inventory submission to help improve the power data catalog. Microsoft deprecated the underlying Azure technology and 1E found the feature was not being used by customers. Contact 1E support if you are installing NightWatchman for the first time or if you would like our latest catalog updates. For more details, please refer to Setting power consumption data.
  • Cloud-based NightWatchman Cumulative Savings report. This report was a proof-of-concept and used simplistic assumptions that could be misleading. Use the on-premise reports for much better savings reports.
On this page:

To enable ActiveEfficiency integration, you must configure the following prior to installation:

  1. An working installation of a supported version of ActiveEfficiency Server.  For more details, please refer to Introducing ActiveEfficiency 1.10.
  2. MSMQ enabled for both the ActiveEfficiency Server and for the computer where the NightWatchman Management Center is to be installed.
  3. You then specify the location for ActiveEfficiency during the installation of NightWatchman Management Center.

Nomad and WakeUp

NightWatchman Enterprise 7.1 or later provides wake-up capabilities via ActiveEfficiency Server. Nomad 6.2 or later can be configured to wake up Nomad machines to enhance the single-site download feature. For more information, please refer to Integrating Nomad with WakeUp.