Tachyon is 1E's exciting new product that is the fastest platform to query and control all endpoints. NightWatchman 7.2 includes the Tachyon installation files and a 60 day Tachyon license so that you can use Tachyon to optimize NightWatchman.

See Enabling Tachyon Integration for an overview of installing Tachyon and enabling its integration with NightWatchman.

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Using Tachyon to optimize NightWatchman

The NightWatchman console now includes traffic lights live status of its clients – indicating whether they are currently online or offline (or unknown). You can also check the status of groups within the NightWatchman client hierarchy:

The statuses are:

  • Green – online
  • Red –  offline
  • Yellow – computer is not a Tachyon client
  • Gray – Tachyon integration is not enabled 

Thanks to Tachyon's ability to deliver near real-time client data, it can be particularly valuable to you when you are using WakeUp to wake clients for urgent maintenance, such as deploying a solution to a zero-day vulnerability.

You can also use Tachyon to optimize NightWatchman by using the Tachyon Explorer interface to return live status on clients where:

  • The NightWatchman or WakeUp client logs might indicate an issue 
  • Clients with pending reboots that have become pending in just the last few hoursUsing Tachyon
  • To check for clients that don't have appropriate wake-on-LAN settings

Understanding Tachyon

Tachyon uses a very secure, highly scalable, and extensible client-server architecture supporting a wide variety of operating systems and device types. A web interface allows authorized users to query all clients in your organization and get responses almost immediately. Users can also make immediate changes. Tachyon is especially valuable for addressing immediate concerns, such as newly discovered security vulnerabilities or to correct accidental misconfigurations. Despite its power and responsiveness, it is engineered to not overwhelm your network, clients or servers.

Questions and actions are collectively known as instructions. Instructions are grouped together into product packs that can be imported individually to extend the Tachyon features as these are made available. Tachyon comes with a host of pre-framed questions and actions in the form of product packs, providing extensive out-of-the-box capabilities that can be extended as new and updated product packs are made available. You can also readily create your own instructions.

Instructions are also organized in tasks that you will find relate to the kinds of activities you and your peers typically do. Where appropriate, instructions can be managed through an approval workflow so that changes are only made as authorized.

Data collected in response to Tachyon instructions is not intended to be stored long term but it can be exported. Audit logging provides longer-term accountability.