Rounding display

All the figures in the NightWatchman graphs are rounded to two decimal places. As a result, you may notice some discrepancies between the figures displayed and the totals. This is unavoidable using this type of formatting, but all calculations are done on the complete value and are only rounded at the point of display so the derivations are accurate.

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Errors in the Report console

Normally, if an error occurs when attempting to view a report, details of the issue are displayed in the Report Console. You should include the contents of any error displayed in the Report Console in the technical report for 1E support.

In some cases, you may want to suppress the error from displaying on users' screens. To do this, add the DisplayDiagnosticErrorInfo element to <appSettings> in the Report Console's web.config file and set its value to false.

By default, the web.config file is located on the Report Console server in:

C:\Program Files\1E\NightWatchman Management Center\ReportConsole

The key you need to add is already in the file, but is commented out. The format for the key is:

<add key="DisplayDiagnosticErrorInfo" value="false"/>