This section will help you understand how NightWatchman Enterprise works, this includes information about setup options, best practices, concepts, and configuration options:

How NightWatchman Enterprise works

NightWatchman's power management feature reduces energy costs by automatically powering down computers across your network overnight and at weekends.


If you use WakeUp, you must either integrate WakeUp Server with NightWatchman Management Center or with Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr or SCCM).

Understanding Power Optimization

NightWatchman’s Power Optimization feature helps you optimize the power-related benefits of your battery-enabled computing devices.

Options for secure communications

The various options for secure communications between NightWatchman and WakeUp components.

NightWatchman power-down actions

Choose which NightWatchman power-down actions are suitable for your organization.

NightWatchman Enterprise and ActiveEfficiency

How to integrate NightWatchman Enterprise with ActiveEfficiency when you install the NightWatchman Management Center.

NightWatchman Enterprise and Tachyon

NightWatchman 7.3 includes the Tachyon installation files and a 60 day Tachyon license so that you can use Tachyon to optimize NightWatchman.

Understanding WakeUp Status

When you are reading WakeUp reports, using the WakeUp Console, or otherwise working with WakeUp, you will often see details about the results of wakeup requests.