The recommended order for installing (or upgrading) NightWatchman Enterprise components is:

  1. Install NightWatchman Management Center.
  2. Install the NightWatchman console on remote consoles.
  3. Install the WakeUp servers.
    • When configuring integration with WakeUp, add the WMI permissions to the Console service account described in Console service component requirements.
  4. Install Web WakeUp.
  5. Install the Windows NightWatchman Agent and/or the Tachyon Agent with the WakeUp module enabled, or the Mac 1E Agent.

Important points in relation to upgrading clients:

  • Upgrading all clients (agents) at the same time is generally not practical and not a best practice (in order to ensure there are no unforeseen compatibility issues). You are encouraged to upgrade clients to 7.2.500 quickly but prudently. In larger organizations this could take weeks
  • If clients previously had both NightWatchman and WakeUp agents enabled and you upgrade to NightWatchman 7.2.500 first, the WakeUp agent will be uninstalled but the previous settings retained. When you installed the Tachyon Agent with the WakeUp module enabled, the previous settings will be used (unless you override them in the installation command line).
  • NightWatchman 7.2.500 is confirmed to be compatible with the previous two versions of clients (7.2 and 7.1 with the hotfixes available prior to 7.2) except that new features will not be recognized on 7.1 clients
  • New features that require client changes will not work on previous versions of clients but do not cause user-adverse issues
    • Example: With 7.2 there was a new "Logoff then Standby" scheduled action available. 7.1 clients will not recognize this action if they receive a NightWatchman policy that includes it. In that case they will continue in the state they are currently in; they will not be forced by NightWatchman to either log off or go to standby