It is possible to modify the images for the Web WakeUp website to your corporation's branding requirements.

Currently, branding is done is through modifying the images that form the backgrounds to various parts of the Web WakeUp website. Modifications to the structure of the pages is not supported. Replacement images must have exactly the same dimensions as the originals.

The following Jpeg images are found in the %installdir%\Website\Images directory:

bg-content.jpegSets the background behind the main contents for the site
bg-footer.jpegSets the background for the footer of the page
hdr-wrp-bg.jpegSets the repeater image used on the right-hand side of the banner


Sets the right-hand side of the banner

wakeup-logo.jpegSets the left-hand side of the banner

Once the images have been replaced, browsing the website or refreshing the browser displays the new images.