A list of the feature dependencies between Patch Success and other 1E companion products.

This page describes the dependencies to and from Patch Success in regard to certain features that are implemented across companion 1E products. To view the general platform related dependencies for Tachyon please refer to Tachyon 5.1 - Supported Platforms.

1E companion products that Patch Success 1.2.104 depends on

Supported versions of 1E companion products that Patch Success 1.2.104 features depend on.

Products and features that Patch Success depends onSupported versions of companion products
1E SLA Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence and a SQL Server Analysis Server (SSAS) instance. Business Intelligence is installed using Tachyon Setup.
  • Business Intelligence 3.3 (included in Tachyon)
  • Business Intelligence 3.2 (included in Tachyon)
1E Catalog1E Catalog is installed using Tachyon Setup.
  • 1E Catalog 2.1 (included in Tachyon)
  • 1E Catalog 2.0
1E Client

Tachyon requires the 1E Client (with Tachyon client features enabled) to be installed on all client computers. This replaces the legacy Tachyon Agent.

Tachyon client features:

  • Real-time response to instructions, which supports the retrieval of information using questions, and running actions
  • Device tags (freeform and coverage), Criticality and Location
  • Interaction, including surveys and notifications (new in 5.1)
  • Inventory, including process usage, to support:
    • the Tachyon Activity Record feature
    • the Inventory and other consumer applications
  • Performance metrics features to support the Experience application
  • Policy feature to support the Guaranteed State application
  • Modules to support:
    • the Patch Success application
    • content distribution
    • command and script execution
    • device criticality
    • manipulation of registry, WMI, files and processes
    • security
    • software uninstallation
    • user sessions, including Primary User (new in 5.1).

Tachyon clients can optionally use the Nomad client module of 1E Client to more efficiently download content.

  • 1E Client 5.0 (with Tachyon client enabled)
TachyonPatch Success is a consumer application of the Tachyon Platform, installed on the Tachyon Server (Master Stack)  and requires a full Tachyon infrastructure.
  • Tachyon 5.1
  • Tachyon 5.0

1E Catalog, Tachyon, Business Intelligence and Patch Success are all installed using Tachyon Setup.

1E companion products that depend on Patch Success 1.2.104 

Supported versions of 1E companion products with features that depend on Patch Success 1.2.104.

Products and features that depend on  Patch Success Supported versions of companion products


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