Patch Success 1.2.104 release information – last updated 

These notes contain late-breaking information about this release of Patch Success. For the most up-to-date information please see the online readme. You should read these release notes and the online documentation for Patch Success thoroughly before using the software.

New features in Patch Success 1.2.104

  • Patch Success 1.2.104 is included in Tachyon Platform 5.1

  • No changes to this application for this release.

Online help

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Known issues

Known issues for the Platform and other applications can be found in the Tachyon 5.1 - Known issues page.

Patch Success Release History

Patch Success is a separately licensed application in the Tachyon Platform. Please refer to Tachyon 5.1 release information for details of hotfixes.

Patch Success 1.2.104

  • Patch Success 1.2.104 is included in Tachyon 5.1
  • No changes to this application for this release.

Patch Success 1.2

  • Patch Success 1.2 is included in Tachyon 5.0
  • The Patch and Device details pages now allow updating of all devices and patches for a given patch or a device respectively
  • Performance improvements.

Patch Success 1.1

  • Patch Success 1.1 is included in Tachyon 4.1
  • The Patch performance dashboard tile can now be used to interactively filter the page
  • A new Monitoring menu has been added that displays the history and responses for the Patch Success instructions
  • Download only functionality
  • Integration with Guaranteed State via CM Patch Health policy link.

Patch Success 1.0

  • Patch Success 1.0 is introduced in Tachyon 4.0
  • Patch module included in Tachyon Agent 4.0