Basic verification tests that cover a single-server installation of Tachyon Server. These tests only cover Tachyon and do not verify the configuration of 1E client modules with other 1E products. These tests should be run in series. They start with basic server checks, then testing 1E Clients, and finally using the verification instructions from the 1E-TachyonPlatform product pack to do end-to-end tests that confirm all components are working. Depending on the decisions you have made during the design phase of your implementation you may need additional tests to verify your Tachyon implementation.

Please ensure you complete all verification tests. They not only confirm your system is operational, but they also introduce you to concepts and tasks that you will use later when using Tachyon.

To run these tests you need:

  1. Tachyon Server installed.
  2. Remote workstation with a supported browser
  3. The name and password for the server installation account 
    1. the AD account must be enabled
    2. the account may already be assigned to other Tachyon roles either directly or via membership of an AD group role.
  4. Two AD User accounts, Test User 1 and 2 
    1. must not be existing Tachyon users because they will be assigned specific roles for the purpose of these tests
    2. must have email addresses and be able to read emails.
  5. The product pack file containing the verification instructions, if not already installed.
    1. In these tests this file is referred to as the 1E-TachyonPlatform product pack.
    2. You can find this zip included in file that you can download from the 1E Support Portal.
  6. At least one test device on which the 1E Client will be installed.
  7. 1E Client installation source files and configuration details required by your Tachyon implementation.

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Verify Patch Success installation

To run the following tests you need:

  1. Tachyon Server installed
  2. The name and password for the server installation account, the account must also be enabled
  • Logon to the Tachyon Server using the server installation account
  • Confirm 1E Tachyon Server is listed in Apps/Programs and Features
  • Confirm Tachyon's Windows services are running.

Programs and Features (appwiz.cpl) displays 1E Tachyon Server with correct version number.

If an MSP update has been installed, the Installed Updates displays 1E Tachyon Server Update (Qnnnnn).

The following Windows services exist and are running.

  • 1E ActiveEfficiency (Automatic) (Network Service) - if selected during setup
  • 1E Catalog Update Service (Automatic) (Service account)
  • 1E SLA Platform Engine  (Automatic Delayed start) (Network Service)
  • 1E SLA Platform Integrate Agent (Automatic Delayed start) (Network Service)
  • 1E SLA Platform Integrate Manager (Automatic Delayed start) (Network Service)

  • 1E Tachyon Coordinator (Automatic Delayed start) (Network Service)
  • 1E Tachyon Switch Host (Automatic Delayed start) (Local System)

If any of the services are not running, then check the corresponding log(s).

The Switch Host service will stop after several seconds if it is unable to start any Switches.

The ConsumerAPI log is not created until a user (the server installation account) successfully connects to the Tachyon Portal.

The BackgroundAPI log is not created until a 1E Client attempts to download content. The 1E-TachyonPlatform product pack can be used to trigger this.

  • Check the Tachyon Server logs.
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The default location for all Tachyon logs is the folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E


Tachyon Master

Tachyon Portal UI and applications (Tachyon)1E\Tachyon\
Consumer API1E\Tachyon\
Coordinator service1E\Tachyon\
Experience application1E\Tachyon\
CatalogCatalog UI (CatalogWeb - Admin sync)1E\Catalog\Catalog.Integration.UI.log
Catalog API
Catalog Update Service1E\Catalog\Catalog.UpdateService.log
SLASLA/Platform APIs (Admin, Core External)1E\Tachyon\
SLA Platform UI (Platform)1E\SLA Platform\Web.log
SLA Engine1E\SLA Platform\Engine.log
SLA Integrate Services (Connector Manager)1E\SLA Platform\




SLA Inventoryn/an/a
SLA Operations Provider (not currently used)1E\Platform Consumer\n/a
SLA databases (Data, Integrate, Shared)n/an/a
BIMDX APISQL database[SLA-BI].[BI].[Event Log]
Tachyon ResponseCore1E\Tachyon\
Background Channel (Background)1E\Tachyon\


Switch(es) (also includes a single Switch Host service)1E\Tachyon\

Please refer to Services and NTFS Security if changing the location of log files.

In this version of Tachyon Server, some installers do not support the LOGPATH property and the logs folder is not configurable during installation.

Each component has a configuration file in the Tachyon Server installation folder structure, which contains log configuration details. Defaults are:

  • Filepath %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\<product>\ where product is Tachyon, SLA Platform, and Catalog
  • Filename as shown in the table above.
  • Maximum size 10MB (2MB for Switch logs).
  • 2 rollover files numbered 1 to 2 with the rollover number included as n.log (5 rollover files for Switch logs).
  • Date and timestamps are UTC to help troubleshooters synchronize logs on systems in different timezones.

Switch logs have the following names:

  • The first Switch installed will typically have a log filename Tachyon.Switch.4000.SW1.log (where 4000 is the port it is listening on and SW1 is the config name in the SwitchConfiguration table in the TachyonMaster database).
  • Other Switches on the same server will have different config names appended. 
  • The log filename will be unique on a server, but there may be the same named log on a different server.
  • A Switch will continue to use the same log, unless the SwitchConfiguration table is modified so that a different ID is used.
  • If you see a Tachyon.Switch.log without a config name appended, this is a special case where a Switch cannot find its correct configuration, and has fallen back to using the template * row which has ID=1. In which case you will need to troubleshoot how that happened.
  • Rollover logs have numbers appended, for example Tachyon.Switch_A.1.log, up to a default maximum of 5.

Tachyon server components use the log4net RollingFileAppender class. Details can be found in

  • Check the configuration of the Tachyon connector