During Capture and Wipe and Load destructive deployments, task sequences has a step for finding a PBA host to keep captured user data into it. PBA Host election and subsequently HA hosts election is performed by Nomadpackagelocator.exe . Previously, We used to print PBA and HA Hosts into Nomad package locator logs , so that admin can read those and find captured user data in case of task sequence failure.

Now Nomad package Locator has the functionality of sending selected PBA and HA hosts to shopping server so that it can be stored in database and later on can be shown on reports. Last two rows in USMT section of wsa order report will show you name of selected PBA host and HA hosts.

In case of other deployments these rows will not be visible on the report. Also, when USB has been used for USMT , these report will show "Usb used for user data".