Classic Product Pack used to create the 1E Tachyon Platform instruction set required by the Tachyon Platform verification process. 

For more details please refer to Verifying.

Instruction text (ReadablePayload)TypeDescriptionInstruction file nameVersion

Tachyon Platform verification stage 1


Stage 1 of the Tachyon Platform verification will return all software installed on each 1E Client endpoint.

Verification stage 1 is a simple question-type instruction used to verify:

  • authenticated user is able to access and use Tachyon Explorer
  • end-to-end communication between the Tachyon system, the Switch and Tachyon client.

Tachyon Platform verification stage 2 (all platforms)


Stage 2 of the Tachyon Platform verification will run a PowerShell script to return a subset of the current configuration of the Tachyon client features of 1E Client.

Verification Stage 2 is normally expected to be run as a follow-up action for Verification Stage 1.

Verification stage 2 is a simple action-type instruction used to verify:

  • two-factor authentication (if enabled) and approval workflow, which tests email (if enabled) - necessary for action-type instructions
  • end-to-end communication between the Tachyon system, the Background Channel and Tachyon client
  • the client is able to run PowerShell scripts on Windows OS - many Tachyon instructions and Guaranteed State rules use PowerShell version 3.0 and later
  • the client is able to run Bash script on non-Windows OS.

For details about PowerShell and Bash support please refer to Requirements: Tachyon scripting requirements.

The rate at which Responses are returned to the Tachyon system via the Switch is affected by the 1E Client setting DefaultStaggerRangeSeconds. This setting governs a random delay before the instruction downloads the script from the Background Channel. This stagger setting is ignored on Windows OS if Nomad client is enabled - instead only one client per subnet (or site if Nomad SSD is used) will act as master and download the script from the Background Channel, and peer clients will download the script from the master.