Tachyon Platform 8.0 release information – last updated 

These notes contain late-breaking information about Tachyon that you need to have to successfully install and use the product.  For the most up-to-date information please see the online readme. You should read these release notes and the online documentation for Tachyon thoroughly before installing the software.

New features in Tachyon Platform 8.0

Platform v8.0

  • Significant changes to Permissions (role-based access control)
    • Role name changes, listed in Roles page
    • Some roles can be delegated to users by assignment to Management Groups
    • Re-design of Permissions management
  • Custom properties have been extended to enable the creation of Management Groups based on device and software tags

  • Management Groups feature improvements make it easier to represent your existing management structure in Tachyon

    • Organize Management Groups into a hierarchy (new in this version)
    • Easily create complex Management Group definitions using the Management Group Rule Builder (new in this version)
    • Additional Rule Attributes - build Management Group rules based on Device and Software Tags
  • Software Tags and Notes can be added to each VTVE in Software Inventory.

Consumer applications for v8.0

  • AppClarity 8.0
    • Works with Tachyon Platform 8.0
    • No features or feature changes added in this release, but includes any hotfixes from previous versions.
  • Application Migration 8.0: 
    • Works with Tachyon Platform 8.0
    • No features or feature changes added in this release, but includes any hotfixes from previous versions.
  • Explorer 8.0:
    • Works with Tachyon Platform 8.0
    • Coverage tags renamed as Device tags
    • No features or feature changes added in this release, but includes any hotfixes from previous versions.
  • Experience 8.0: 
    • Works with Tachyon Platform 8.0
    • The user interface has been re-organized and provides several new pages and popups:

      • Experience Analytics:
        • The existing Overview, Categories, Stability, Responsiveness, Performance and Sentiment pages are now re-organized under Experience Analytics.
      • Advanced Analytics:

        • Network: includes scored and raw metrics for Bytes Sent/Received per Second, Outbound Packets Discarded, Packet Outbound Errors, Active TCP Connections, Network Retransmit Rates, Network Usage Overall, Network Bandwidth Utilization, Wireless Send and Receive Rate, Wireless Transmit Rate. Please refer to Investigating Network Performance for more information on how to use this feature
        • Boot and Login: includes scored and raw metrics for Policy Processing, Startup Apps Processing Time, Main Path Boot Time, Post Boot Time. Please refer to Investigating Boot and Login Performance for more information on how to use this feature.
      • Inventory Management:
        • Devices page - displays device-centric metrics including details such as network configuration (IP, Gateway, Connection Type, OS Install Date)
        • Software page - displays software products with the software associated metrics and inventory details
        • Users page - displays information on the users known to Tachyon via the 1E Client.
      • User Engagements. The existing Surveys feature has been renamed and re-organized under User Engagements and extended
      • Root Cause Analysis tools - two new popups have been added to the Devices page:
        • Device comparison: highlights the differences between two selected devices related to Operating System Details, Hardware Details, Usage Details, Installed Software, Services and Processes 
        • Scatter chart: Quadrant placement of devices, plots devices on a chart with customizable X and Y axes (align on the grid based on metrics, scores etc.)
    • A variety of data types are now available to add as columns in the table views:
      • Score - values that have been processed and normalized by Experience, this may include consolidation and combinations of other data
      • Raw - the unprocessed and un-normalized values retrieved from devices
      • Device Details - information related to devices, such as: IP Address, DHCP Server, Operating System etc. 
      • Software Details - information related to software, such as: the Architecture supported by the software
      • Event - event information retrieved from devices, such as: Software uninstall, hang and crash events; Operating System boot and crash events, and many others
    • Network related scores have been added to enhance the overall user experience score:
      • Output queue length - scores the network transmission backlog, based on the length of the output packet queue
      • Wireless Signal Quality - scores the signal quality of the wireless network connection on the device.
  • Guaranteed State 8.0: 
    • Works with Tachyon Platform 8.0
    • No features or feature changes added in this release, but includes any hotfixes from previous versions.
  • Nomad 8.0: 
    • Works with Tachyon Platform 8.0
    • Integrating Nomad with WakeUp
    • Enhancements:
      • Task Sequence support for Windows feature updates
      • Automatic grooming of the Content Distribution database
      • Support for Windows Authentication between Background Channel and Content Distribution API
      • Tachyon Setup: Nomad screen has improved authentication options 
      • Improving performance of the dashboards
      • API versioning using Tachyon SDK.
  • Patch Success 8.0:
    • Works with Tachyon Platform 8.0
    • No features or feature changes added in this release, but includes any hotfixes from previous versions.

Product Packs for v8.0

  • Classic Product Packs:
    • 1E-ConfigMgrConsoleExtensions.zip
    • 1E-Experience.zip
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonAgent.zip (new instruction: 1E-Explorer-Upgrade1EClient8.0macOS, updated instruction: Set1EClientAgentConfig )
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonCore.zip
    • 1E-Inventory.zip
    • 1E-Nomad.zip (new instructions: 1E-Nomad-CacheCleanerDeleteAll, 1E-Nomad-LocationDiscovery, 1E-Nomad-SetWorkRate)
    • 1E-Patch-Success.zip
    • 1E-Tachyon-Platform.zip (new instruction: 1E-TachyonPlatform-Device-ComparisonData)
  • Integrated Product Packs:
    • MEMCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack (new preconditions: MEMCM-Client, Network-IPv4-PrimaryAddressInDNS, and some rules modified to use them) 
    • NomadClientHealth.zip (minor changes)
    • TachyonCore.zip (minor changes)
    • WindowsClientHealth.zip (minor changes).
  • Other Product Packs are available from the Tachyon Exchange: tachyonexchange.1e.com

Enhancements in v8.0


Online help

Tachyon comes with online help that shows you how to install, configure and use the product. Click the following link to view the help:

For support queries, please

Known issues

The current known issues related to the installation and running of Tachyon can be found in the Troubleshooting Known issues page of the Tachyon documentation.

Tachyon Release History

Web Release-8.0 (29-Oct-2021)

Tachyon Server  -  Tachyon Toolkit - 1E Catalog - Software Lifecycle Automation - Business Intelligence - ContentDistribution - AppClarity - ApplicationMigration

For new features please refer to the top of the page.

Enhancements for v8.0

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Server (including Experience, Explorer, and Guaranteed State):

  • Q21760 - Cross Forest without trust DMZ switch trying to bind on manager port on NATed IP which fails and eventually kills the switch (TFS 244306)
  • Q21758 - Wrong Devices Returned From Management Group Member Retrieval api when Device and Patch consolidation report is in process (TFS 235368)
  • Q21756 - GS - Rules removed from all assigned policies (TFS 244253)
  • Q21748 - Switch system health check is failing for some switches (TFS 240529)
  • Q21688 - Nomad application - crash on the device details page when device does not exist in Tachyon (TFS 235249)
  • Q21686 - Platform - Group membership resolution fails when nested group search is disabled (TFS 234348)
  • Q21684 - Experience - What's Changed (last 7 days) - Not enough data to show deltas (TFS 234748)
  • Q21682 - Experience - Timeouts occur during SQL partition processing for Experience (TFS 235469)
  • Q21680 - Platform - Duplicate devices appear in Tachyon and Nomad dashboards (TFS 229352)
  • Q21660 - Platform - Hotfix Utility - throws exception when a patch is applied on workgroup - DMZ Server (TFS 235801)
  • Q21626 - Platform - Tachyon Setup.exe--Maintenance--Server Certificate option fails to update binding with selected certificate correctly (TFS 233846)
  • Q21624 - Platform - Experience - Timeout errors when inserting offloaded experience data during cube processing (TFS 233425)
  • Q21622 - Tachyon - Number of clients connected to switch drops (TFS 233339)
  • Q21620 - Platform - Guaranteed State - TachyonResponses-PolicyRule_0 table is unable to manage partitions after it reaches 10 (TFS 234759)
  • Q21618 - Background channel unable to load client certificate private keys behind the CNG API (TFS 234777)
  • Q21616 - Switch - Erroneous 'Total Sent' counts. (TFS 235011)
  • Q21564 - Experience - Experience is keeping master groomed devices for longer than it should (TFS 228555)
  • Q21562 - Platform - CSV Export to UNC path should be more constrained (TFS 138387)
  • Q21560 - Platform - Change to timing for Experience cube sync (TFS 227857)
  • Q21558 - Platform - Instructions not receiving any responses (TFS 226038)
  • Q21556 - Platform – Not all Switches come back online after a reboot (TFS 227933)
  • Q21554 - Platform – Tachyon Switches went offline (TFS 228930)
  • Q21552 - Switch - Number of Online machines differs across Tachyon Explorer (TFS 228154)
  • Q21550 - Platform - Some Clients are not responding to Tachyon instructions (TFS 226839)
  • Q21548 - Platform - Export All task failing due to SQL login timeout by bcp.exe (TFS 230869)
  • Q21546 - Platform - Guaranteed State - Device/Rule History will take a long time to display with large amounts of data (TFS 231327)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - SLA:

  • Q21762 - Wrong Devices Returned From Management Group Member Retrieval api when Device and Patch consolidation report is in process. (TFS 244355)
  • Q21746 - Management Group Sync with Powershell clashing causing empty Management Groups (TFS 241903)
  • Q21744 - Management Group Evaluation is taking time in completing a cycle. (TFS 241990)
  • Q21742 - Management Group Sync with Powershell clashing causing empty Management Groups. (TFS 241975)
  • Q21740 - Clean Sync and Clear Data action failing with foreign key violation error. (TFS 237160)
  • Q21738 - Duplicate entries in Management Group instance total. (TFS 241971)
  • Q21736 - Correct device info is not picked up in case of device collision when same device is coming from 2 different connectors . (TFS 231155)
  • Q21734 - Management Group not showing any device if rule is created on basis of installed software. (TFS 236925)
  • Q21732 - OU information is not consolidated correctly in Basic Inventory Consolidation. (TFS 240608)
  • Q21730 - IsCMClient value is not populating correctly for a device if device is reported from both Tachyon and CM connector. (TFS 231005)
  • Q21728 - No OU information were consolidated for such devices which was reported from a single connector. (TFS 242259)
  • Q21658 - Inventory - Clean Sync leaves orphan Attachment IDs in Attachment table. (TFS 235178)
  • Q21656 - Inventory - The File Upload connector does not process device data when uploading a file that contains column OSManufacturer (TFS 234923)
  • Q21654 - Inventory - Basic Inventory Consolidation takes too much time to complete (TFS 232513)
  • Q21652 - SLA - Device and Patch consolidation fails with Arithmetic Overflow error. (TFS 231525)
  • Q21650 - Inventory - Device Serial number is null in SLA-Data database (TFS 229622)
  • Q21648 - Inventory - WSUS Connector device data is inflating the inventory with stale devices that no longer exist (TFS 228571)
  • Q21646 - Inventory - Tempdb filling up causing BIC to fail (TFS 231526)
  • Q21644 - Inventory - Tachyon Master device table OS information not correctly handled by BIC (TFS 227957)
  • Q21642 - SLA: Tachyon is not properly processing the primary user data from the Tachyon connector (TFS 227750)
  • Q21640 - SLA: Software Inventory not being reported correctly due to SCCM having multiple ResourceIDs for the same hostname (TFS 227755)
  • Q21638 - SLA: Management Groups contain devices that don't match the rules (TFS 221910)
  • Q21636 - SLA: Different usage categories between AppClarity versions (TFS 227142)
  • Q21634 - SLA : Failure when editing policy. (TFS 218751)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Catalog:

  • None

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - AppClarity:

  • Q21722 - AppClarity - Total counts of Units Reclaimed and savings are dropping on Software Reclaim Summary and Savings pages (TFS 232667)

  • Q21720 - AppClarity - Reclaim popup appears incorrectly on large number of devices as installations falls into unused category due to sync issue (TFS 240329)

  • Q21718 - AppClarity - Filter not working on 'Price per unit' column on reclaim usage summary page (TFS 217531)

  • Q21596 - AppClarity - Reclaimer Popup reappears after user has clicked "remove now" button (TFS 227253)

  • Q21594 - AppClarity - Entitlements are not imported correctly for large number of entitlements in TSV file (TFS 234655).

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Application Migration:

  • Q21570 - AppMigration Role Based Application Set rules (TFS 233385)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Nomad and Content Distribution:

  • Q21754 - CM Sync fails to sync content because of null SourceVersion (TFS 241994)
  • Q21750 - Nomad clients are unable to communicate with ContentDistribution (TFS 244275)
  • Q21702 - An error occurred whilst migrating legacy pre cache data. CM sync failed. (TFS 237645)
  • Q21700 - Get Migration Settings TS action sets an incorrect PBAComputerName for restore (TFS 239635)
  • Q21698 - Failed to register devices because Ip4SubnetAddr column does not allow nulls. (TFS 232498)
  • Q21678 - Duplicate Devices in Tachyon and Nomad dashboards (TFS 229352)
  • Q21612 - Support for feature updates in TS (TFS 233798)
  • Q21610 - Known Subnets are showing under Unknown as well in Nomad Dashboard (TFS 234520)
  • Q21608 - CM sync's failing in CD due to FOREIGN KEY constraint (TFS 234770)
  • Q21598 - CM Sync's failing in Content Distribution (TFS 233608)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Business Intelligence: 

  • None

Web Release-5.2 (28-Apr-2021)

Tachyon Server  -  Tachyon Toolkit - 1E Catalog - Software Lifecycle Automation - Business Intelligence - ContentDistribution - AppClarity - AppMigration

For new features please refer to the top of the page.

Enhancements for v5.2

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Server (including Experience, Explorer, and Guaranteed State):

  • Q21426 - Platform - Guaranteed State policy changes are deployed without using Deploy button. (TFS 226416)
  • Q21424 - Platform - Infrastructure log error - StateMachine Initialise failed. Check for wrong XML in the workflow definition. (TFS 221269)
  • Q21422 - Platform - Mismatch between number of devices returned for Management Group and the count in the header (TFS 226897)
  • Q21420 - Platform - Some Clients are not responding to Tachyon instructions (TFS 226839)
  • Q21418 - Platform - Instructions not receiving any responses (TFS 226038)
  • Q21404 - Platform - Tachyon Switch crash when logging 'Session raw writes' (TFS 222683)
  • Q21342 - Platform - Experience Database growing at a steady pace filling up drive space (TFS 218297)
  • Q21340 - Platform - Devices being groomed from Tachyon database when the LastConnUtc being reset to time (zero) (TFS 220090)
  • Q21338 - Platform - Management Group membership synchronization from Platform to Experience is failing (TFS 220175)
  • Q21326 - Platform - Switch device upload thread stalled waiting for a HTTP response that never comes (TFS 219898)
  • Q21322 - Platform - DBNULL errors in Core API log (TFS 218336)
  • Q21320 - Platform - Number of clients shown online in console not matching connections (TFS 219164)
  • Q21316 - UI - Experience – Metrics hyperlinks do not work in What’s Changed (last 7 days) charts after applying hotfix Q21198 (TFS 218801)
  • Q21314 - Platform - Tachyon switch will crash on empty Management groups (TFS 218673)
  • Q21312 - Platform - Tachyon may fail to process experience data synchronization and cube processing (TFS 218349)
  • Q21310 - Platform – Scheduled UTC time for sync firing off at the wrong local time (TFS 218552)
  • Q21276 - Platform – Switch – Switch does not start (TFS 216338)
  • Q21274 - Platform - Switch - Tachyon shows 0 devices connected (TFS 211468)
  • Q21272 - Platform - Tachyon Switch does not send GS Policy until 1E Client restarts (TFS 217028)
  • Q21270 - Platform - Certain localization settings cause no data to appear in the Experience UI (TFS 217171)
  • Q21248 - UI - Experience - Experience Numbers don't add up (TFS 214589)
  • Q21246 - Platform - Licensing - Tachyon.lic filesize is larger than current limit (TFS 216700)
  • Q21244 - Platform - Tachyon Core API is exhausting ephemeral ports while offloading events (TFS 216403)
  • Q21242 - Platform - Tachyon Coordinator service seems to get stuck and email notifications are not sent to the Tachyon admin (TFS 212094)
  • Q21240 - Platform – Switch - Guaranteed State showing unknown state for certain rules. (TFS 216386)
  • Q21212 - Platform - Experience - SQL query fails with uncaught exception when trying to fetch events for selected device (TFS 214865)
  • Q21210 - Platform - Cube processing put a lock on UserSurveyPerformanceMetric table (TFS 214436)
  • Q21208 - UI - Guaranteed State - Not possible to apply filter when the windows size is not full screen (TFS 213722)
  • Q21206 - UI - Guaranteed State - Reports->Devices->View Details link - Not possible to view more than 100 records (scroll bar not available) (TFS 214207)
  • Q21204 - UI - Guaranteed State - Unauthorised error message is displayed for Guaranteed State Viewers user (TFS 215201)
  • Q21202 - UI - Experience - User Sentiment->Score calculation text indicates no survey is available, even though surveys are present (TFS 212676)
  • Q21200 - Platform - Experience - Description for overall experience score doesn't mention user sentiment (TFS 212609)
  • Q21198 - Platform - Experience - 'What's changed' chart on the Overview screen doesn't work if you add a filter when you have surveys. (TFS 213260)
  • Q21196 - UI - Experience - Devices page - sort order is not indicated when sorting with any column header except FQDN (TFS 212592)
  • Q21194 - UI - Experience - UI displays empty screen with 'An error ocurred' if a survey is deleted that's used by a preset. (TFS 213200)
  • Q21192 - Platform - Second is not a supported unit for date/time-based visualizations (TFS 213337)
  • Q21190 - Platform - Experience - Performance page -> Information icon missing for Network tile (TFS 212737)
  • Q21188 - UI - Experience - Sentiment->User Sentiment->View Detailed Data->sorting Matching devices is not working (TFS 212732)
  • Q21186 - UI - Experience - Surveys Page -> The selected survey responses cannot be sorted against Date column. (TFS 212678)
  • Q21184 - Platform - Experience - Devices page-> Cannot filter events against Description column on selected device event log (TFS 214215)
  • Q21182 - Platform - Experience - Users page incorrectly displays/sorts metrics if the name clashes with a 'User Sentiment' survey (TFS 212604)
  • Q21180 - UI - Experience - Breakdown By drop down-> Others Filter -> Should not be allowed to drill into (TFS 214859)
  • Q21178 - Platform - Guaranteed State - Reports->Devices->View Details link lists the records in ASC order, by default instead of DESC (TFS 214204)
  • Q21176 - Platform - Duplicate non-metric survey can be created by Clone Survey action (TFS 215348)
  • Q21174 - Platform - Certain regional settings break device performance scoring (TFS 214980)
  • Q21164 - AppClarity upgrade is failing due to HTTP request timeout while uploading the ACS file from Portal API to SLA Platform API (TFS 214950)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - SLA:

  • Q21392 - SLA: Virtual machines categorized into the “Unknown” category (TFS 220815)
  • Q21390 - SLA: AppClarity loading individual entitlements takes 50 seconds (TFS 217118)
  • Q21344 - SLA : Failure when editing policy. (TFS 218751)
  • Q21318 - SLA - SCCM Connector sync fails when a device is reported as having 0 processor cores (TFS 218609)
  • Q21157 - SLA: Upgraded schedules can not be edited for some cases (TFS 213456)
  • Q21155 - SLA - Data type conversion error occurs during the Basic Inventory Consolidation if the date is older than epoch date (TFS 211476)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Catalog:

  • Q21234 - Patch Success doesn't show specific information regarding the Operating System
  • Q21168 - SLA - Tachyon Sync Failing (BIC) with Rollback Transaction Error

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - AppClarity:

  • Q21308 - AppClarity - Reclaim action results are not saved for optional reclaim policies on certain products (TFS 211745)
  • Q21306 - AppClarity – Missing costs affect calculation of Effective License Position (TFS 193527)
  • Q21304 - AppClarity – Perpetual entitlements with future dates are included with 'Active Entitlements Only' filter (TFS 213388)
  • Q21302 - AppClarity – Entitlement import increases the Quantity of licenses (TFS 212841)
  • Q21300 - AppClarity – Reclaim Usage page does not load in Internet Explorer browser (TFS 208574)
  • Q21298 - AppClarity – While creating a New License entitlement, certain characters in the Product SKU field cause an error (TFS 208968)
  • Q21296 - AppClarity – A duplicate entitlement is created when an existing entitlement with SKU is edited and saved as draft (TFS 197392)
  • Q21294 - AppClarity – Entitlement import incorrectly saves Version as .* (TFS 186415)
  • Q21292 - AppClarity – When a Reclaim policy is cancelled, the Provider log does not show "Completed On" time in UTC (TFS 211766)
  • Q21290 - AppClarity – The Top 10 Saving Opportunities chart incorrectly filters the Reclaim Usage table (TFS 211166)
  • Q21288 - AppClarity – Entitlements created as Colloquial version are converted to DotFormat version (TFS 211159)
  • Q21238 - AppClarity – Pagination not working in Entitlements Contracts page (TFS 213990)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Application Migration:

  • Q21410 - Broken association API improvement to handle large application migration rules count (TFS 222660)
  • Q21286 - Application Migration – allow use of OU Path rule (TFS 213954)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Business Intelligence: 

  • Q21428 - BI - Cube having a slow refresh time with SQL views (TFS 222048)

Web Release-5.1 (03-Sep-2020)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Toolkit - 1E Catalog - Software Lifecycle Automation - Business Intelligence - ActiveEfficiency Server - AppClarity - AppMigration

Platform v5.1

  • Tachyon:
    • Improved support for multi-forest and multi-domain Active Directory environments. Multiple domains can be set during setup, please refer to Tachyon Setup: Active Directory and email for more details
    • Telemetry gathering on Tachyon usage statistics to help with 1E's continued product improvement initiative. For more details please refer to Tachyon Setup: Telemetry
    • Tachyon Portal and emails can be customized with your company logo and branding. For more details please refer to Branding page
    • Support withdrawn for Internet Explorer 11 and Legacy Microsoft Edge, please refer to Supported Platforms for more details.
    • Switch Performance Counters
    • Enhancements:
      • RBAC naming has been improved by changing the permissions name from Instrumentation to Infrastructure
      • Support for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager CB 2002
      • Tachyon platform instrumentation data is now exposed as Windows Performance Counters
      • Platform installation and deployment has been simplified by eliminating the Tachyon CoreInternal component.
  • Inventory application:
    • The Inventory application has some additional pages that provide information on your system, as gathered by inventory connectors: 
      • The Software Inventory section provides Dashboard, Aggregate and Product Usage pages to help you understand the software that is installed in your enterprise
      • The Hardware section lets you investigate the virtual machines and physical devices present in your enterprise by using its Hardware Inventory, Virtual Summary and Device pages
    • Export option now available on the Inventory→Hardware→Hardware Inventory page.
    • Sync actions for Connectors allow you select which data categories you want to sync, and if you want to run AI Powered Auto-curation as part of Basic Inventory Consolidation (BIC) process that runs after each sync 
    • 1E Catalog:
      • Improved hotfix capability
      • Documentation merged with Tachyon, please refer to The 1E Catalog.
  • Settings application:
    • Tachyon connector optimization - the duration of inventory instructions has been reduced from 7 days to 15 minutes to allow them to be run more frequently
    • Other Connector optimizations:
      • Ability to request selected data when scheduling a sync. For example, Device, Software, User, Patch etc. This has been added to the Tachyon, Configuration Manager and ServiceNow connectors
      • The Device and Patch Consolidation reports have been split from the Basic Inventory Consolidation action. Patch Success users can now just execute the Device and Patch consolidation reports rather than running a complete Basic Inventory Consolidation. For more details please refer to: Patch Success 1.2 - Configuring Patch Success: Creating schedules for Patch processing using Tachyon 5.1.
      • AI actions have been decoupled from the Inventory synchronization cycles.
    • A new Provider log page has been added that provides the status of Provider related operations
    • AI Powered Auto-curation can be turned on or off from the Components page.
    • InTune connector - device, software and user data can now be retrieved from your Intune infrastructure.
  • Tachyon Setup enhancements:

Consumer applications for v5.1

  • AppClarity 7.1
    • Windows Server OS LDC
      • New license demand for core based licensing of Windows Server OS (calculated with-in Microsoft Core LDC)
      • Compliance calculation is now based on new license demand
    • Support for Currency Conversion
      • When you can set a default currency (other than USD) AppClarity now renders all reporting and financial numbers (or graphs) only in that set currency
    • New UI controls have been added to improve the usability:
      • Report refresh - ability to refresh reports on individual pages, and the ability to view the status of the last report refresh
      • UI Controls - ability to choose columns as either shown or hidden on individual screens
    • Installation mode change
      • AppClarity installer is now included as an app with the Tachyon installer and can be installed and maintained this way
      • Hotfixing capability
    • Enhancements
      • Entitlement
        • New Active Entitlements Only toggle filter on Entitlement Summary page
        • The ability to export entitlement summary data
      • License Demand
        • Device names are now shown as hyperlinks on LDC reports
      • Compliance
        • Improved logic for rendering installs, and a new "Exempt" status on the compliance detailed table
        • Effective License Position (ELP) displayed for SQL Server components as it is for SQL Server entitlement
      • Reclaim
        • Reclaim product usage screen loading time is optimized for quick page load.
  • Application Migration 3.1
    • Improvements to upgrade rules to support scenarios where the currently installed software has a later version than the one listed in the upgrade rule - In versions prior to Application Migration 3.1, it was possible that upgrade rules had issues when the application they were trying to upgrade on the client devices were later versions than the ones they were trying to upgrade to. To remedy these unpredictable and unwanted results, now if an upgrade rule tries to downgrade an application then it will be ignored. For more details please refer to Adding a rule to upgrade an application: What happens in upgrade scenarios where the currently installed version of the application is later than the target application?
    • Application and Package installation success has been improved  - this handles scenarios where the administrator has forgotten to check the Allow this application to be installed from the Install Application task sequence action without being deployed  checkbox, which is a prerequisite for migrating an application. In practice, it was a common error for administrators to overlook this, which - in earlier versions - led to the Task Sequence failing. In Application Migration 3.1, if the administrator forgets to set the checkbox, a warning is now displayed that lets the administrator continue and Application Migration sets the option automatically. For more details please refer to Getting started with Application Migration: Auto Install for Configuration Manager Applications and Packages
    • Multiple exclusion of applications is now supported from the Installations page - please refer to Managing product exclusions.
  • Experience 1.2
    • The Tachyon Experience score has been greatly enhanced to include User Sentiment - this means that, not only can you monitor the stability, responsiveness, and performance of the devices on your network to deduce your end-users satisfaction with their IT services, you can send out surveys and incorporate your end-users actual feedback directly into the picture. For more information on this subject please refer to Getting feedback via User Sentiment Surveys, where you can find a complete end-to-end use case on creating, deploying, responding and processing responses to User Sentiment Surveys.
      • The Tachyon Experience score displayed on the Overview page includes user sentiment values, please refer to The Scores for more information.
      • The Categories page includes a Sentiment tile showing the current User Sentiment score.
      • The Sentiment page lets you view the User Sentiment score on its own and drill down to view users and monitor their feedback and pain points.
    • End-User Surveys - two types of survey are supported: User Sentiment and General Purpose. User Sentiment Surveys contribute towards the Tachyon Experience score, General Purpose Surveys can be used to ask one-off questions of your end-users and get their feedback on any issue. The Surveys page is where you can create, enable and deploy surveys.
    • A Users page is provided that lets you get information on the end-users on the devices in your network. Please refer to the Users page for more details.
    • Customize the Tachyon Experience pages to view the interactive charts you want to focus on - including the display of the results from your User Sentiment surveys on the Sentiment page.
  • Explorer 5.1:
    • No changes
  • Guaranteed State 1.4:
    • The workflow on the rule creation page has been improved, so that all the information you need to enter is presented on a single page, making it easier to create rules. Please refer to Tachyon 5.1: Defining your own policy for more details
    • Support for digital signing, versioning and licensing of Guaranteed State policy fragments. This requires that upgrading to Tachyon 5.1 has a new license.
  • Patch Success 1.2.104
    • No changes to this application for this maintenance release.

Product Packs for v5.1

  • Classic Product Packs:
    • 1E-ConfigMgrConsoleExtensions.zip (minor changes)
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonAgent.zip (minor changes, new 1E-Explorer-TachyonAgent-Set1EClientAgentConfig)
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonCore.zip (minor changes)
    • 1E-Inventory.zip (1E-Inventory-Device-GetProcessors improved, 1E-PatchSuccess-PatchStatus now only runs on Windows)
    • 1E-Patch-Success.zip (minor changes)
    • 1E-Tachyon-Platform.zip (minor changes).
  • Integrated Product Packs:
    • All fragments are now signed, and have InstructionType defined
    • MEMCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack - (new improved replacement for Microsoft SCCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack)
    • Microsoft SCCM Client Health Integrated Product Pack (removed)
    • NomadClientHealth.zip (minor changes)
    • TachyonCore.zip (minor changes)
    • WindowsClientHealth.zip (minor changes).
  • Other Product Packs are available from the Tachyon Exchange: tachyonexchange.1e.com

Enhancements for v5.1

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Server:

  • Q21118 - Tachyon Clients machines unable to receive instructions (TFS 209695)
  • Q21100 - Platform - Coordinator - Delay in sending email causing approval to fail (TFS 198224)
  • Q21098 - Platform - Tachyon Instructions - Approvals taking multiple times to get approved whilst email addresses are being resolved (TFS 201850)
  • Q21058 - UI - Explorer - Schedule instruction scheduler presents unclear time setting for non UTC sites. (TFS 203430)
  • Q21056 - Platform - Tachyon does not resolve group membership correctly (TFS 201849)
  • Q21054 - Platform - AD group membership update causes time out in Tachyon portal (TFS 203074)
  • Q21052 - Platform - Tachyon unable to perform scheduled sync (TFS 204203)
  • Q20994 - Platform - Experience - Tachyon Platform installed against SQL Server Evaluation edition fails to support partitioning (TFS 200801)
  • Q20992 - Platform - Configurable authentication dialog before sending action in Explorer (TFS 195947)
  • Q20990 - Platform - Experience - UDP Send time, Disk Random AccessTime, Disk Sequential Access time and Registry Write HKLM values are being scored as 0 (TFS 200770)
  • Q20988 - UI - Experience - Devices screen needs to report more digits for experience values (TFS 199506)
  • Q20986 - Platform - Coordinator is not loading the entire license upon flat license request (TFS 199897)
  • Q20984 - Platform - Experience - Memory Hard page faults - scoring is wrong (TFS 199843)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - SLA:

  • Q21108 - Views have been introduced to view inventory data under 'SLA-Data'database (TFS 208158)
  • Q21106 - Mapping between Product and a SCCM package/application didn’t persist after clean sync/clear (TFS 210042)
  • Q21104 - Tachyon connector sync should not delete the sync schedule if sync fails and retry again in next sync. (TFS 204587)
  • Q21102 - Performance improvements in clean sync and clear data actions. (TFS 210045)
  • Q21090 - SLA - Management group evaluation and ETL cube processing fail with Arithmetic Overflow error (TFS 206524)
  • Q20924 - Clear Data action was clearing the data from SLA Reports (TFS 198458)
  • Q20922 - Reclaim API changes to support multiple command lines (TFS 199059)
  • Q20920 - Support Disabling Remote Access option in Product (TFS 190817)
  • Q20918 - No option was present in Tachyon connector to separate the actions for “Consolidation Reports” from the “Sync Data” action. (TFS 198649)
  • Q20916 - Products with special character like “uTorrent" were not getting normalized with Catalog even though match rules existed. (TFS 197516)
  • Q20914 - Data disappears on sorting on Product to CM Association Tab (TFS 197878)
  • Q20912 - The number of devices in Patch Success was reset and had to repopulate (TFS 194114)
  • Q20910 - The new OU Path in Management Group rules is not working correctly with contains (TFS 197293)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - 1E Catalog:

  • Added "Not Remove" and "Not Patch" condition for SetfolderPermission custom action to support catalog hotfix (TFS 208305)
  • Sync is failing in case only TLS 1.2 is enabled on client (TFS 206213)
  • Creation of entitlements in AppClarity resulted in merged entitlements for different release of windows server for example, Windows 2019 and 2016 (TFS -204034)
  • Deletion of records in case of Incremental Sync from Prediction Results (TFS 203575)
  • Performance improvement in AI Engine (TFS 201562)
  • XML Wrapper SP for SurrogateKey Feature (TFS 200529)
  • Provided grant permission in stored procedure "EntitlementProductversionEditionExpensionMD5_se“ (TFS 200452)
  • Handling of Unicode values for vendor in Devices and Processors stored procedures (TFS 199898)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - AppClarity:

  • Q20962 - Incorrect license demand calculations for VM cluster in case of Oracle LDC (TFS 200689)
  • Q20960 - Oracle installations not visible on compliance summary by title & ELP report when product installed on VMs and demand computed on physical clusters (TFS 198809)
  • Q20958 - Software can be reclaimed from any device, and will not depend on Device Type anymore, in fact considers only Operating System of device (TFS 200632)
  • Q20956 - After upgrade to v7.0, entitlement summary screen and/or license / maintenances screen displays null error (TFS 199952)
  • Q20954 - After upgrade, on reclaim usage summary screen, Saving Opportunity graph is crashing due IsLicenseRequired null value error (TFS 199953)
  • Q20952 - Multiple Uninstall command lines in a reclaim policy are not supported (TFS 199947)
  • Q20950 - Reclaim policy cannot be Save draft/publish as disabled (TFS 199754)
  • Q20948 - All software installations under 'License Exemption' management group not exempting from compliance (TFS 199980)
  • Q20946 - Display changes for compliance details of LDC products (TFS 199954)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Application Migration:


Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Business Intelligence: 

  • Q21078 - Patch Success - 400 year old patch causes cube process failure 
  • Q21076 - ETL sync is taking an excessive amount of time to complete

Web Release-5.0 (18-MAR-2020)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Toolkit - 1E Catalog - Software Lifecycle Automation - Business Intelligence - ActiveEfficiency Server

Platform v5.0

  • Tachyon:
    • Switch now supports Windows Certificate Store (instead of Switch certificate files)
    • Eventing mechanism allows propagation of live events in real-time from 1E Client to consumers
  • SLA:
    • Support for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager CB1910 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • 1E Catalog:
    • Hotfix capability
    • Support for EXE file mapping to multiple products
    • Surrogate keys - used in tracking changes to 1E Catalog - allows for example, details of the original vendor to be retained when a product is acquired by a new vendor
    • Catalog UI should set the "Customer" as submission source instead of "1E" for customer curated data
    • UNSPSC Software Category must be available to user in human-readable format on the SLA UI
    • Changes to support "Latest Version" field in SLA - Extra column will be returned during SLA normalization with Catalog
    • AI Auto-curated entries are not deleted after a sync/resync/upgrade
    • Installer enhancements:
      • AI model file download switch (Installer and DB setting); default off
      • Catalog installer changes to support TLS 1.2 using ADO.NET SQLClient
      • Support for Network Service account
      • Remove sysadmin requirement in installation
      • Custom user entries in Web.config file need to be parsed and added back to the new config file during Catalog upgrade
  • Settings application:
    • Permissions->Add User search has changed from search-as-you-type to search on demand. This can be done against Users or Groups or Both, by clicking search icon available
    • Provider Configuration->New option called "Test" has been added which is only enabled when SCCM Connector exists. Otherwise the option is disabled, even for Provider Configuration Administrator and Global Administrator. Required for AppMigration/AppClarity
  • Inventory application (new in v5.0):
    • AI Powered Auto-curation
    • Software Inventory, including aggregation
    • Hardware Inventory, including summaries for devices and virtual hosts
    • Manage associations between inventoried products and Configuration Manager applications and packages
  • Tachyon Setup:
    • When upgrading from SLA Platform 3.3 its SLA users are migrated to become Tachyon users with no roles assigned
    • Network Service is used for the 1E Catalog Update Service instead of a domain account
    • "Business Intelligence" option to allow independent installation of BI
    • Maintenance page provides Server Certificate option to update certificate bindings, that also provides better troubleshooting experience
    • Installation of new Experience application
    • Option to enable the AI Powered Auto-curation feature
    • Extends db_ddladmin permission on Tachyon Master database, in addition to existing db_datareader and db_datawriter
    • Supports backup of all installed components and their respective databases during upgrade
    • Clickable link to download missing pre-requisite Visual C++ 2013 redistributable
    • The 'License File' step now occurs before "Select components" to validate the allowed components/features in license file

Consumer applications for v5.0

  • AppClarity 7.0 (available separately from the 1E Support Portal, not included in Tachyon Setup)
  • Application Migration 3.0 (available separately from the 1E Support Portal, not included in Tachyon Setup)
  • Experience 1.0 (new application in v5.0)
  • Explorer 5.0:
    • The Response page has a new option to show raw data when an aggregated instruction is asked
  • Guaranteed State 1.3:
    • Overview dashboard has been rearranged as a result of field feedback
    • The term "Policy" has been removed from all the tiles on Overview dashboard
    • The Rule type filter does not contain "Event" any longer. Only Check and Fix types are supported
    • Cosmetic casing changes - View History now reads "View history" and View Details" now reads "View details"
    • The dashboard header statistics have been improved
    • Guaranteed State now supports table partitioning (SQL Server feature for better performance)
  • Patch Success 1.2:
    • The Patch and Device details screens now allow Updating of all devices and patches for a given patch or a device respectively
    • Performance improvements

Product Packs for v5.0

  • Product Packs listed below are now included in the Tachyon Platform zip, previously they were in a separate Tachyon Product Packs zip
  • Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe (tool relocated from the Integrated folder to the root folder, so it can be used to upload Classic and Integrated packs, and be started by Tachyon Setup)
  • Classic Product Packs:
    • 1E-ConfigMgrConsoleExtensions.zip (minor changes to instructions)
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonAgent.zip (minor changes to instructions plus new instructions for location)
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonCore.zip (minor changes to instructions plus new instructions for firewalls)
    • 1E-Inventory.zip (new, renamed from 1E-Inventory-ProductPacks.zip previously included in the SLA installer)
    • 1E-Patch-Success.zip (updated instructions and renamed zip)
    • 1E-Tachyon-Platform.zip (renamed zip)
  • Integrated Product Packs:
    • MSSCCMClientHealth.zip (1 new rule)
    • NomadClientHealth.zip (minor changes)
    • TachyonCore.zip (minor changes)
    • WindowsClientHealth.zip (minor changes)
    • EndpointPerformance.zip (removed)
  • Other Product Packs are available from the Tachyon Exchange: tachyonexchange.1e.com

Enhancements for v5.0

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Server:

  • Q20709 - Platform - Unable to Stop Tachyon Actions/Questions (TFS 189888)
  • Q20652 - Platform - Switch is discarding the policy status message from 1E client if it receives both policy and instruction response from same device on same worker thread (TFS 189178)
  • Q20642 - Platform - GS- Overview dashboard is not reflecting the Device and policy rule status change correctly (TFS 188870)
  • Q20640 - Platform - Server - Multiseries response visualization has wrong count (TFS 187380)
  • Q20638 - Platform - Tachyon Coordinator Service fails to start up successfully (TFS 187750)
  • Q20578 - Platform - Management group sync is failing when a MG assigned to Guaranteed state policy is deleted (TFS 184629)
  • Q20576 - Platform - Implement solution for switch certificate without device FQDN (TFS 184623)
  • Q20552 - Platform - Instruction sent to all devices when Switch fails to download list of targeted devices from Core (TFS 182945)
  • Q20550 - Platform - Policy Caching issue on status changes (TFS 178541)
  • Q20548 - Platform - GS Policies report displaying compliant devices as unknown incorrectly (TFS 180742)
  • Q20546 - Platform - GS - Broken filtering on Policy and rule reports (TFS 180313)
  • Q20544 - Platform - Core discards policy-catchups with exceed max length (TFS 182324)
  • Q20542 - Platform - GS - Remediations report (and maybe elsewhere) not returning data when orphaned policy data exists (TFS 182338)
  • Q20540 - Platform - Cannot deploy an empty policy (TFS 182235)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - SLA:

  • Q20713 - Generate Report - ETL is taking too long (TFS 192684)
  • Q20703 - The Clean Sync box, in the Schedules UI, is showing the opposite setting to the actual setting in the database (TFS 189942)
  • Q20701 - Software Reclaim shows Unreported for most of the products (TFS 185935)
  • Q20699 - Patch Success does not show all the available Inventory repositories in the dashboards (TFS 190699)
  • Q20697 - Consumer installation fails for remote SQL Server and named instance (TFS 175916)
  • Q20604 - Web - ETL performance at scale (TFS 180087)
  • Q20602 - Patch Success Dashboard is not showing all Endpoint Patch data (TFS 180018)

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - 1E Catalog:

  • Catalog UI: While editing processor match rule only Source Family, Source Model and Source Name field (TFS 182917)
  • Catalog Sync/Resync: For fresh Installation there is Error in recreating indexes after Sync (TFS 182597)
  • WebUI- Data curated by the client have the submission source = 1E instead of the customer (TFS 178528)
  • Site defined records are not getting processed, if they are in the queue table of Staging database (TFS 169408)
  • ENABLETLS12=0 shows check marked in installer (TFS 156106)
  • Catalog Installer Preference for site defined vendor alias in case duplicate vendor alias exist in catalog (TFS 155362)
  • Resync fails to insert site defined [EntitlementProductProductMatchs] (TFS 154327)
  • DROPOLDDB=0 enables the Drop old database option in the Database Server installer screen (TFS 154299)
  • Resync fails to insert site defined [EntitlementProductSet] (TFS 154193)

Web Release-4.1 (24-JUN-2019)

Tachyon Server - Tachyon Toolkit - 1E Catalog - Software Lifecycle Automation - Business Intelligence - ActiveEfficiency Server

Platform v4.1

  • Tachyon Setup has been expanded to include ActiveEfficiency Server: this is in order to support the Nomad Dashboard and Nomad download pause features. 
  • Tachyon Setup has also been extended with the following features:
    • Uninstallation, and also inclusion of MSPs at install-time
    • Re(registration) of applications from Maintenance page
    • Consumer-level workflow override (e.g. for ServiceNow integration)
    • Support for partial upgrades
    • Ability to run Tachyon Product Pack Deployment Tool to upload Product Packs
  • Tachyon toolkit consumers are registered automatically during installation
  • Improvement on Action processing
  • Improvements to Explorer:
    • A new Instruction Detail dialog has been added to the Instruction History page that shows information on the selected instruction
    • Improvements have been made to the Device Detail dialog on the Devices page
  • Improvements to Guaranteed State
    • The Rule Status tile and corresponding drill-downs have been improved
    • Rule editing is now supported
    • A Device Detail dialog has been added
    • A Remediation report is now available that shows what remediations have been applied
    • The dashboard header statistics have been improved
    • Performance improvements
  • Improvements to Patch Success:
    • The Patch performance dashboard tile can now be used to interactively filter the page
    • A new Monitoring menu has been added that displays the history and responses for the Patch Success instructions
    • Performance improvements
  • Support has been confirmed for:
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager CB1902

Product Packs for v4.1

  • Classic Product Packs (updated for 4.1):
    • 1E-ConfigMgrConsoleExtensions.zip
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonAgent.zip 
    • 1E-Explorer-TachyonCore.zip 
    • 1E-PatchSuccess.zip
    • 1E-TachyonPlatform.zip
  • Integrated Product Packs (new for 4.1):
    • EndpointPerformance.zip
    • MSSCCMClientHealth.zip
    • NomadClientHealth.zip
    • TachyonCore.zip
    • WindowsClientHealth.zip
  • Tachyon.ProductPackDeploymentTool.exe (new)
  • Other Product Packs are available from the Tachyon Exchange: tachyonexchange.1e.com

Enhancements for v4.1

Hotfixes rolled up into this release - Server:

  • Q20520 - Platform - Instruction sent to all devices when Switch fails to download list of targeted devices from Core (TFS 182945)

  • Q20486 - Tachyon Guaranteed State dashboard is reporting the device compliance status incorrectly as “unknown”. (TFS 176304)

  • Q20484 - Tachyon Switch failing to honour the log roll over setting (TFS 178311)

  • Q20470 - 1E Tachyon Switch Host service fails to start after upgrading to Tachyon server 4.0 (TFS 175839)