Installing Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS).

The TIMS installer is downloaded from the 1E Support Portal ( as a zip containing x86 and x64 MSI installers. 

You should install the same or later version of TIMS as the 1E Client you want to develop instructions for. The latest version of TIMS will be suitable because SCALE is backwards-compatible in most cases. Tachyon SDK - Functions and Methods Reference tells you the earliest version in which a SCALE function or method was implemented, and on which OS.

After installing TIMS you can begin development of Tachyon instructions. Good starting places are:

On this page:

About TIMS

Tachyon Instruction Management Studio (TIMS) is a graphical user interface for authoring and testing Tachyon instructions, which can then be saved so they can be uploaded and used in your Tachyon system.

The instruction definition XML files that TIMS creates can be uploaded into Tachyon using the Tachyon Portal Setting application so that they can then be used within Tachyon, or combined with other instructions into a Product Pack zip.

TIMS contains a copy of the 1E Client, isolated from the local 1E Client installed on your computer. It has only the Tachyon client features enabled, other client modules are disabled. Earlier versions of TIMS contained a copy of Tachyon Agent.

Each version of TIMS is bound to its version of 1E Client, which does not have to be the same version as your local client, nor does it have to be the same architecture. This means you can have multiple versions of TIMS installed, and you can test your instructions against different versions of the client that you may have in your Tachyon system, or are planning to have. However, you can run only one copy of TIMS at any time.

Currently, TIMS is supported only on Windows OS. There is no version of TIMS available for Android or *nix variants.

For supported OS versions and other requirements please refer to Tachyon version-specific documentation, for example Tachyon 8.1 - Supported Platforms: TIMS (Tachyon Instruction Management Studio).

Installing TIMS

During installation you may see a UAC prompt for 1E Client.

The default installation location is C:\Program Files\1E\Tachyon\TIMS - you can safely rename this folder to be version specific - say TIMS_v5.0.0.745_x64.

A shortcut named  Tachyon Instruction Management Studio  is added to the public desktop ( C:\Users\Public\Desktop) - which runs Tachyon.InstructionManagementStudio.exe

You can only have one version of TIMS installed or running at the same time. However, you can safely make copies of the TIMS installation folder and create your own shortcuts, if you want to keep multiple versions of TIMS on the same computer.

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Starting TIMS

Double-click on the shortcut or executable Tachyon.InstructionManagementStudio.exe

You may be see a UAC prompt from 1E Client.

Starting TIMS in SYSTEM context

Sometimes you may need to develop and test your instructions in SYSTEM context, in order to replicate how the Tachyon client runs actually runs.

You can do this by starting TIMS using Microsoft SysInternal's PSEXEC utility.

  1. Copy PSEXEC utility to a known path, eg. Windows\System32 folder, or to the same folder as TIMS.
  2. In the TIMS folder, create a command file called StartTIMS.cmd containing the instructions shown below
  3. Create a shortcut to the cmd file, and use this to start TIMS using Run As Administrator
  4. If you are using PSEXEC64 then edit the cmd file accordingly.
 Click here to view StartTIMS.cmd ...


:: Used to start TIMS in SYSTEM security context
:: PSEXEC.EXE should exist in local folder or a system path
:: This script should exist in the TIMS folder
:: Create shortcut and use Advanced to set as Run as administrator
@pushd %~dp0
:: create default folder for SYSTEM to avoid popups
@md "%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop" 2>nul
:: Set folder option to see file extensions
@reg add HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced /v HideFileExt /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
:: Start TIMS in SYSTEM context
PsExec.exe -s -i -d "%~dp0Tachyon.InstructionManagementStudio.exe"
:: Stop and display error if Psexec not found, or not admin
@if %ERRORLEVEL% == 9009 @pause>nul
@if %ERRORLEVEL% == 5 @pause>nul

To create your first instruction please refer to Getting started with TIMS.