A tutorial on creating a daily scheduled instruction that will check for any machines that have Windows update pending reboots.

Creating a weekly instruction schedule

To illustrate this we will use a simple example where Tachyon will check every week to see if any Windows updates are pending a reboot.

On this page:

Selecting the question for scheduling

  1. Use the Tasks page to locate and select the instruction you want to schedule.
  2. Set any desired Duration and Scope parameters for the instruction.
  3. Click the Schedule question button.

The animation opposite starts with the Which Windows updates are pending a reboot? question already selected from the Tasks page.

Filling out the Instruction scheduler dialog

  1. Set the Frequency to Weekly.
  2. For any schedule you have to set the Start Date/Time. We want ours to run each Sunday at 23:53 AM, so we leave the Start date at the default current time plus one hour.
  3. Set the End Date/Time. We want to review the schedule on April the 14th 2020 so we set this as the End date.
  4. For a weekly schedule you must select how many weeks between running the instruction. In our case we want the schedule to run on a weekly basis, so we leave the Every field at the default of 1.
  5. For a weekly schedule you also select which day of the week you want the schedule to run. In our example we click the Sunday box to highlight it.
  6. Add a suitable comment to the schedule. This will be stored with the schedule and can be used as a reminder for why the schedule was configured.

This completes the configuration of the Instruction scheduler dialog so we click Save to create the schedule.

Authenticating and approving the schedule

Normally Tachyon questions do not require authentication and approval, however for scheduled questions this is required.

  1. The scheduled instruction entry appears in the Scheduled instruction page showing that it needs an authentication code.
  2. The user requesting the schedule is sent an email with the authentication code.
  3. They click on the Provide authentication code button and enter the code in the dialog then click Submit.
  4. The scheduled instruction entry now shows that it is Awaiting Approval.
  5. The approver receives an email requesting approval for the requested scheduled instruction.
  6. They log on to Tachyon and fill out the approval request notification, by entering a suitable approval comment, checking the I understand the impact of this scheduled instruction and approve this request checkbox and clicking the Approve button.

The scheduled instruction has now been authenticated and approved.

The scheduled instruction

Once authenticated and approved, the scheduled instruction entry now displays a link which indicates the scheduled times that the selected instruction will be run. In our example the instruction will now run every Sunday at 23:53 AM until the 14th April 2020.