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1E information

1E rebranding


In September 2022 1E launched our new brand, with a new logo and name changes for the majority of our product names, to reflect the evolution of our identity. The following table shows the new and former names for the 1E products:

New name

Former name


1E Tachyon or 1E Tachyon Platform

1E Experience Analytics

Part of Tachyon Experience

1E Employee Sentiment

Part of Tachyon Experience

1E Endpoint Automation

Guaranteed State

1E Endpoint Troubleshooting

Tachyon Explorer

1E Content Distribution


1E Dashboards

Tachyon Dashboards

1E Automated Self Service for ServiceNow

1E Virtual Assistant and 1E Service Catalog Connect

Inventory Insights

Inventory module

1E Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow

1E ITSM Connect

The following product or component names have not changed.

Legacy or component product names


Application Migration

NightWatchman Enterprise

Patch Success


1E Core