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1E 24.1 (SaaS)

Introducing 1E Experience Analytics

1E Experience Analytics helps you visualize your end-users' experience of IT service delivery across your enterprise. It is centered around the experience score, which is based on metrics covering four categories:

  • Stability - derived from the frequency of operating system and software crashes, hangs and service failures.

  • Responsiveness - based on the speed of operating system startup, system resource creation and availability.

  • Performance - a weighted indication of load and throughput for device processor, memory and disk resources.

  • Sentiment - an aggregated measurement of users feelings or opinions of their device's performance, stability and responsiveness based on user surveys.

1E Experience Analytics features

For details on how scores are collected and calculated, refer to Score reference.

  • Overview page: A dashboard of the Experience Analytics score.

  • Categories page: A dashboard of the Stability, Responsiveness, Performance and Sentiment scores.

  • Stability page: A dashboard of the Stability score.

  • Responsiveness page: A dashboard of the Responsiveness score.

  • Performance page: A dashboard of the Performance score.

  • Sentiment page: A dashboard of the Sentiment score.

  • Devices page: lists all the devices that are reporting into Experience Analytics.

  • Software page: Shows all the software titles that are installed in the entire environment.

  • Users page: Shows metric data for the users in the entire environment.

  • Surveys page: Shows all the surveys created in the entire environment, and allows for surveys to be created, cloned, deleted, enabled, disabled, and assigned to management groups.

  • Filters page: The Filters bar is at the top of each page and is used to change the view of the tiles on that page.

  • Tile buttons: There are a set of Tile Buttons on the Stability, Responsiveness, and Performance pages, they can be used to show different views on the tiles or open other windows for details.