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1E 9.0 (on-premises)

Using consumer applications

All consumer applications can be accessed from the 1E portal using the following URL, and then clicking the application icon.

https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon

where <platform DNS Name FQDN> is the FQDN of your platform server, set up during the preparation phase, as described under the heading DNS Names.

Included applications

The following are applications built-into the platform:

Inventory Insights

​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/inventory/​​


​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/platform/​​

Optional applications that require a license


​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/appclarity/​​

Application Migration

​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/applicationmigration/​​

Endpoint Automation

​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/guaranteedstate/​​

Content Distribution

​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/nomad/​​

Patch Insights

​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/patchinsights/​​

Experience Analytics

​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/experience/​​

Endpoint Troubleshooting

​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/explorer/​​


​​https://<platform DNS Name FQDN>/Tachyon/App/#/dashboards/​​