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1E Intelligence

Introducing 1E Intelligence

1E Intelligence elevates IT operations by merging Edge AI with cloud AI for swift, insightful decision-making. This dual approach delivers real-time insights at the edge, enhancing device performance and user experience without compromising on scalability. IT teams benefit from a proactive tech environment that anticipates needs and resolves issues efficiently, ensuring a smooth, personalized digital workspace for every user.

1E Intelligence offers you Intelligent Insights, Intelligent Sentiment, and 1E Assistant.

  • Intelligent Sentiment: With 1E Intelligence’s Intelligent Sentiment, IT teams gain an edge by leveraging Digital Twin AI that predicts and resolves friction points in real time. This empowers a frictionless digital employee experience, placing user needs at the core of IT strategy and driving optimized operations across the enterprise.

  • Intelligent Insights: Empower decision-makers with Intelligent Insights from 1E Intelligence, where predictive, causal, and generative AI converge to provide a deep understanding of the digital employee experience. Transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights, ensuring digital workplace leaders can make informed decisions that boost uptime and operational efficiency.


1E Intelligence is in Early Access. This means the feature is earlier in it’s development cycle, and is not fully supported like other products in the 1E Portfolio. Features may be rapidly added, changed, or removed, and may not work from time to time. We are committed to iterating rapidly to add additional value, and welcome your feedback to help us prioritize what to build next.

Providing feedback

We are always open to your feedback on 1E Intelligence, as we are with all our products. If you have an idea about an improvement, notice something you think we could do better, or have a bug to report, please do so using the feedback button in the top left of the 1E Intelligence interface.


This feedback goes directly to the 1E Intelligence engineering team. All feedback is reviewed, and we do our best to respond to as much feedback as possible (though this is not guaranteed).

If you are reporting a bug or would like a member of the team to discuss your feedback with you, please provide your email address.