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1E Intelligence

Implementing 1E Intelligence

How to implement 1E Intelligence.


To participate in 1E Intelligence Early Access, you must:

  • Be using one of our SaaS platform offerings.

  • Have access to Endpoint Automation.

Enabling 1E Intelligence on your account

To get access to 1E Intelligence you will need to contact your 1E account team, and follow these steps:

  • Sign an agreement relating to 1E Intelligence Early Access.

  • We will then grant you access, and work with you to configure 1E Intelligence features.

Accessing 1E Intelligence

You can access 1E Intelligence using the URL provided to you as part of your onboarding.


To access 1E Intelligence, you need to be assigned the Global Administrator security role.

To learn more about permissions in the 1E platform, refer to 1E platform documentation.


We intend to remove this as part of a future update, allowing you to grant access using other roles and permissions available within the 1E platform.

Enabling 1E Intelligence on your devices

1E Intelligence uses a Product Pack to gather device and user interaction telemetry, and also to deploy our edge AI capabilities to your endpoints. This is configured as a policy within Endpoint Automation. You will be provided access to the Product Pack as part of your onboarding to 1E Intelligence Early Access.

To learn more about Endpoint Automation, refer to Endpoint Automation documentation.

1E Intelligence options


When using 1E Intelligence, there are a number of options in the header area of the application, including:

  • Menu selector: Click to expand or minimize the left hand navigation bar. The left-hand navigation bar also includes the feedback button.

  • 1E Intelligence logo: Hover over this to view the build number and when the app was last updated in production.

  • Module launcher: Click this to navigate to other modules in the 1E platform.

  • Profile icon: Click this to see a dropdown menu, where you can change between light and dark mode, and logout.