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1E Intelligence

Using 1E Intelligence

1E Intelligence offers you Intelligent Insights, Intelligent Sentiment, and 1E Assistant.


As part of our dedication to Responsible AI, we use the 1E Intelligence disclaimer to highlight where we leverage AI. Hover over the disclaimer for more information.


Intelligent Insights provide you with improved visibility over emerging issues that are impacting users and devices. By leveraging AI-driven analysis of anomalies, outliers, and trends, Intelligent Insights provides you with an early-warning system of problems that may negatively impact user experience if you do not remediate them. In addition the feature provides human readable analysis of gathered data, potential root causes, and provides you with clear recommendations on the next steps you could take.



Intelligent Insights includes the following elements.

  • Widgets: Capture an instant overview of total insights, impacted users, and insight criticality. Insight criticality is an AI-driven assessment based on likely impact to user experience. You can filter the list of insights displayed below by clicking on Insights Criticality.

  • Insights table: A comprehensive view of your insights, providing an overview and easy access to more detail, you can:

    • Filter by insight name, user impact, or number of user impacted.

    • Add or remove columns using the column selector.

    • Drill into Insights to review additional details on the Insight Details page.

Insight Details

Insight Details includes access to the data powering each insight, and a device list.


With Insight Details you can view:

  • Specific details of each insight

  • Descriptions of the problem identified

  • Potential causes

  • User impact assessment

  • Recommendations and remediation guidance on what to do next.

Insight Details includes the following features:

  • Problems card: Allows you to review a description of the identified problem, including impact criticality and number of users affected.

  • Overview tab: Allows you to review potential causes, an automatic assessment of user impact, recommendations, and remediation steps for solving the insight.

  • Trends tab: On the Trends tab you can review the metrics used to generate the insight, aggregated across all relevant devices. This includes a human-readable assessment of significant changes in that data. Click the More icon in the top right of the graph to adjust the date-range, and configure which metrics are displayed.

  • Devices tab: Click any device to access events and performance data associated to the insight gathered over the last seven days.



As part of our dedication to Responsible AI, we use the 1E Intelligence disclaimer to highlight where we leverage AI. Hover over the disclaimer for more information.


Intelligent Sentiment augments traditional sentiment methods like surveys by providing an automatically generated user sentiment based on Edge AI analysis of device and user interaction telemetry. This provides you with improved situational awareness of sentiment across your entire user base, along with an improved ability to understand why sentiment might be degrading.

Intelligent Sentiment is a dashboard, and includes the following elements:

  • Sentiment Survey vs Intelligent Sentiment: Provides a time series graph showing AI-predicted Intelligent Sentiment versus user-reported sentiment when anomalies are detected on their device.

  • Significant Words: Provides visibility of significant words mentioned in the free-text users can submit they complete Intelligent Sentiment surveys. You can drill in to review more details including users impacted, and specific text feedback.

  • Top Common Problems: This analyses free-text feedback and collates it into themes highlighting potential problems reported by your users. You can drill into this to review specific text feedback related.

  • Anomalies Detected: This feature highlights anomalies detected over time.

A note on sentiment surveys

Intelligent Sentiment includes the option, using the Product Pack, to trigger sentiment surveys for users if an anomaly is detected on their device.

If a survey is selected to trigger when an anomaly is detected on a device, for example a significant CPU spike, users will be prompted to report their sentiment, although users can easily dismiss the prompt if they are busy. This user-reported sentiment is crucial for 1E to improve the precision, recall, and effectiveness of our Intelligent Sentiment capabilities.


You can leverage multiple Endpoint Automation policies if you wish to have sentiment surveys triggering on some user devices, but not others.

Also available in 1E Intelligence Early Access is the 1E Assistant, available from the bottom-right of the interface. Our goal is to evolve this to make it easier to interact with data within 1E, and leverage different capabilities of the 1E platform. In this initial release, you can search for recommended remediations using Endpoint Troubleshooting.