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Introducing 1E for Device Refresh

1E for Device Refresh facilitates proactive hardware asset management, resulting in reduced cost, reduced carbon impact, and appropriate allocation of devices to ensure employee satisfaction and reduce downtime. This 1E solution helps businesses provide the right tools for more flexible work environments, reduce disruptions, and combat exposure to security threats due to poorly updated hardware. 1E for Device Refresh allows IT operations teams to extend device longevity by providing customized, real-time insights into device health, resulting in optimized hardware spend.

1E for Device Refresh offers the following features:

  • Device refresh status: Get data-driven recommendations on whether devices should be retained, replaced, repaired, reassigned, or refreshed. These statuses are determined from events that impact device performance, responsiveness, and stability. IT teams can use the statuses and their related event data to understand issues with a device before user complaints arise.

  • Financial and carbon savings insights: Monitor financial and carbon savings effortlessly. A clear and easily accessible tracking system for device cost and environmental impact reductions means enterprises can make informed decisions and take proactive steps to optimize both their financial resources and their commitment to sustainability.

  • Advanced dashboard: The dashboard displays device refresh statuses, financial and carbon savings, interactive graphs, device details, and more.

  • Customizable configuration: Default configurations can be modified to better align the refresh strategy with the requirements of your organization. You can configure details from status names to what data is collected and when.

  • Performance, responsiveness, and stability analytics: Proactively monitor devices for crashes, lags, high hardware utilization, and other factors that could indicate a poor digital experience for end users.

  • Remote endpoint queries and remediation: Take action on endpoints in real time.

  • Configurable solution actions: Customizable actions, such as logging a ServiceNow ticket, sending email notifications to the Service Desk team, and executing 1E instructions based on health-related metrics.

  • Configurable Persona Demand Rules: Customizable persona rules based on metrics such as RAM usage, Boot time, Disk and Process Responsiveness tailored for individual users or device tags and hostname.