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Implementing Solutions Core

Everything you need to know about getting Solutions Core installed and running in your environment based on the following steps.


The Core Configuration page is only visible to users with the Solutions Admin role.

  1. Download the 1E Solutions Core DEX Pack from 1E Exchange and follow the instructions to set it up in your instance of 1E platform.


    Your platform license file must include entitlement for at least one Solution.

    The 1E Solutions Core pack contains 1E Endpoint Automation policy, rules, and instructions to set the Tenant ID and send the device information to solution API. You should deploy this pack before any other solution pack such as 1E for Device Refresh or 1E for Microsoft Intune.

  2. Configure permissions for authentication, refer to Authentication and API permissions.

  3. Set up your users, refer to Login and user management.

  4. Configure Solutions Core, refer to Core configuration.