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1E Solutions release history

Release 24.1 (Feb 2024)

This release introduces the following improvements to 1E Solutions:

  • New Event History page shows event occurrences over time: Event History.

  • Solution action now includes support for Jira Service Management: Manage Solution Actions.

  • Device details view now allows users to define a Solution action for its status other than retain: Device details.

This release introduces the following improvements to 1E Solutions Core:

  • Modified API Management UI.

  • Modified Audit log page limits the number of records shown in the grid.

  • Configuration page has now a drop down menu to select other solutions. Solution specific configurations will show based on the selection in the drop down menu.

  • Support for 1E for Microsoft Intune Solution.

Release 23.11 (Nov 2023)

The initial release of 1E for Device Refresh and 1E Solutions Core:

  • Reporting Dashboard showing device data for refresh status with multiple filters.

  • Model management through insightful data for different models.

  • Data against main KPIs: Device Purchases deferred, Financial Savings and Carbon Savings.

  • Setting up user persona and persona demand.

  • Configurable status rules and actions.

  • ServiceNow integration to open incidents as per configured actions.

  • Email notification to end user/service desk as per configured actions.

  • Device warranty feed from Dell and LENOVO through API integration.

  • DEX Pack to feed raw data to 1E Solutions API.